Dear Shelby.

I recently announced that I began the new member process for Kappa Delta sorority. Since then my already hectic life became so much busier.

Sorority socials, and meetings, and service events, etc! Between classes, work, and gymnastics, I simply did not have time.

Although I was extremely excited and felt so honored and blessed to be extended a bid to KD, I seriously considering breaking my pledge. (When one decides to discontinue their new member education period.) Not because I wanted to. But because I felt so discouraged since I am never able to hang out with the sisters.

I expressed my feelings to one sister and she tried to be encouraging, but it just did not seem like enough. However, I decided to keep going because big little week was approaching. (The week in which new members receive their personal mentor, who is an older member of the sorority.)

And I am so happy I hung in there because yesterday I got the best big in the whole ENTIRE universe, Shelby.

This letter is to her.

Dear Shelby,

Thank you. Thank you for being, one of the most influential people I have ever met in college. From the moment I met you at Meet PHC I knew you were a special person. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm about the chapter quickly drew me in. I could just tell in your eyes and by your beautiful smile that this chapter means everything to you and you wanted nothing but the best for the chapter.

All through recruitment rounds I literally couldn’t not wait to get into the KD round so I could see you again. And meet more of your wonderful sisters.

Once recruitment was over I knew I would be making one of the biggest decisions of my life.

However, I felt confident when making my decision. Because I knew if someone as effing amazing as you could endorse a chapter, it had to be worth it.

I knew that if the sisters in the chapter were anything like you, I would find my home.

So I ranked Kappa Delta and my first and only choice.

Before going into the lab to make my final ranking, I became very anxious.

Once in the chapter and contemplating whether or not to break pledge, I decided to wait it out. It was finally the time I would be able to get a big. I knew that if I had even a slight chance of getting you as a big, staying would too be worth it.

And I am so happy I did.

Getting you as my big mean means everything to me.

You are a huge part of the reason I came to Kappa Delta and the best reason I decided to stay.

I cannot wait to make so many memories with you and the whole Dink dynasty. (-:

And while I have only been your little for a few days, you have already inspired me in so many ways. And you have already proven yourself to be a terrific role model for me, and the whole chapter.

I love you Big! ❤

*Picture gallery coming soon.


Sister: A Temporary Mother.


So here is my favorite sister, Mimi.

This is her after getting dressed, from going swimming.

Although she looks cool, calm, and collected, she was far from that. Just moments before this picture was taken, she had a total meltdown! I mean it was just insane.

So here is a little about her, she suffers from a neurological disorder called Chiari Malformation (CM*). This is a disorder caused by a structural deffect, in which the bottom part of her skull is smaller than it should be. This causes ton of pain and pressure for her entire head. Her skull, spine, brain, etc, this also causes a disruption in the flow of her spinal fluid.

As a result of her disorder, she takes tons of meds. Everything from sleeping meds, meds for seizures, meds for this, for that… you get the picture.

Unfortunately, bc of her disorder, she had ‘good days’ and ‘bad days.’ Thank God she has been doing really well! So this past weekend, I had my siblings and my nephew over for some good’ole indoor swimming.

She was enjoying herself, along with all the other kids. Until she stated she was cold and wanted to get out. I got her and the baby out of the pool, to change and get dressed, while the other kids were swimming.

She was fine until we went into the locker room, where she completely flipped out and began her meltdown.

(When I described the meltdown to my mom, she started crying. Although she is only seven, I will respect her privacy and not go into details about the meltdown.) She started crying hysterically, and screaming bc she was cold.

I was so freaked out I had no idea what to do. Being a big sister, you always faced with tons of responsibility regarding your younger siblings. You have to be a friend, and listen to what they have to say. You are a mediator, when your siblings fight. You are an equal, when taking their suggestions of fun activities to do or movies to watch. And as I found out this past weekend, sometimes, you have to be a temporary mom.

I tried so hard to comfort her, as my mom would but man was it hard.

Eventually, she calmed down and the pic was taken.

While I love all my siblings, I definitely do not want to go through that again, so Mimi cannot come back for swimming, unless its blazing outside. Lol.