A Grand Adventure is About to Begin…

One of my favorite pictures, from our “announcement shoot.”

It is with great honor, that we share our great big news: We are having a baby!

We could not be more excited or anxious to embark upon this journey.

That means that I will officially be switching the “theme” of this blog.

I will focus on my pregnancy.

So let me get you guys up to speed:

We are currently 14 weeks and 5 days so baby is due August 19, 2017!

We do not know the gender but plan to find out soon.

So far I have not had ANY morning sickness. (Knock on wood.)

In fact, I feel great and I have been able to carry on as my normal self.

We have already bought so much cute stuff, and I cannot wait to share them with you.


A Party For Jake.


Lets first discuss this pic: It is my ‘Happy Birthday’ page. It includes some hand lettering as well as illustrations. As you can see, I am getting pretty darn good. ūüôā

I am really proud of my work, so more pics coming soon.

So July 6 will be Jake’s 25th birthday*. So with his birthday coming up, I decided to buy him a gift and throw him a surprise party.

The Gift:

As you probably can guess, the gift was the hardest part. I could not decide what to get him. He does not play videos games, he does not have any real hobbies, and I hate getting people things they ‘need’ over things they ‘want’ for their birthday. After searching long and hard, I could not choose between a Beef Jerky variety set and Doctor Who disappearing coffee mug.

Well we played a game where I call out random gifts in a random order (with the two gifts I was most heavily considering included) and he told me ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether or not he would want it.

It turned out he did not want either. ūüė¶

And my initial thought was to get him a really nice and rather expensive Coach wallet. (It was like super nice and he needed one b/c his old one was falling apart.) But… he needed it and I know he is not particularly into expensive things.

So I literally had no idea what to get him and I wanted to give up. But we went to the outlet mall and could not pass up the great sales going on in Coach and we ended up with a Coach wallet (for him) and a Coach bag (for me). ūüėČ

Everything was great.

The Party:

Due to everything going on, we had to postpone the party to one day later. And right before I knew it my mom had shared the news, so it was no longer a surprise.

So yesterday we grilled a few things, had some pasta, and cake. It was a lot of fun. I think he enjoyed himself. We even saw fireworks downtown and did some sparklers with the littles.

Over the time we stayed with my family, he talked to his parents, who obviously wanted to come visit him for his birthday.

Only problem is, they planned to come Sunday and I would be here Sunday b/c I have a community service-free weekend.

The Parents:

Because they were planning to come this weekend, I asked if he wanted me to go home so he could spend time with them alone.

Well he stated that I could stay, if I wanted to meet him. (Awkward Moment.)

Now, it is not that I do not want to meet them. I just feel that he felt a bit obligated b/c he has met my entire family. I would have preferred he allowed me to meet them on his own terms, perhaps a time when he felt more comfortable and less obligated. I am in no rush to meet them, I just like for things to happen naturally.

So we did not talk about it more, until he was headed to work. I attempted to get out of it, by saying I would go home and come back next weekend. However, it was too late. Apparently he told his dad that I would be here. So I got stuck here in a sense.

And now I just feel awkward b/c I am not really sure he genuinely wants me to meet them.

But for the record, I am not upset nor am I nervous. Everyone loves me.

So expect another post after the weekend.

From, My Soulmate.


In case you did not know, Coke is running a new campaign. The ‘Share a Coke” campaign. So at this time you may notice ‘personalized’ Coke cans/bottles. Apparently the company took the 250 most common names to use for the project. Cute, right? Yep.

Any-who, Jake decided to ‘Share a Coke’ with me. Lol but unfortunately they did not have my name. (Of Course! Ps… if your name is not on a can, Coke will be doing a tour this Summer so you can create your own personalized can. Visit the campaign site to find tour dates/sites.)

However, while shopping the other day he bought a 12 pack b/c it was on sale. Inside of this box they used more general titles for people (instead of names). They included: BFF, Buddy, Star, Legend…etc.

So I was lucky enough to get the ‘Soulmate’ can from Jake. (Pictured above). And it was so sweet.

Now, Jake is obviously really sweet… and I am not. However, he does often try to make me sweeter. (Lol). He always convinces me to do the right thing, and to apologize, etc. And I surely do appreciate it. However, recently, when I did not take his advice on apologizing, he was pretty ‘disappointed in me.’

(The Background: I was sitting on the couch watching tv, when my younger brother -9years- decided to throw things at me. Now, he threw more than one thing at me, and I politely asked him to stop. But when he did not stop, I grew very upset and threw a plastic pack of baby diapers at him. He began to cry. And guess who was the bad guy??? -If you guessed me, correct!)

Since he has decided to share his Coke, I guess I am now in the clear. Ps…funny side note, I actually do not drink soda, therefore he essentially shared the can and drank the soda. Lol.

The. First. Time. Pt. II

(Warning: Contains Adult Material.)

*PS: I have decided when I write “inappropriate” things, I’ll include a warning.

…so back to my hot night.

The Shower. 

As I mentioned in “He Came Back” my boyfriend & I took a great shower.

And, of course, it was sexy… but not intended to be sexual.

So it was so hot to just experience him in this way.

Not to mention how hot it was for him to rub my back in the shower.

(Again, not sexual because he always rubs my back. Simple massage from dancing five days a week.)

The Meanwhile. 

After our shower, we hung out and watched a little tv.

The Shower, Pt. II.

After a small make out session, we decided to hit the shower again.

This time we were already all clean and ready to get dirty.

We began making out a little more and started some really sexual rubbing.

By then, I was pretty ready to get busy!

So, I proceeded to turn around and hint that he could move on to our next step.

After he put on the condom (always practice safe sex), he tried to put it in.

Yes, tried as in, it didn’t fit. (That’s always awkward.) The problem was that I was too tight.

Again, it was awkward. But he made it more awkward by telling me just how tight it was.

(It’s so weird, regardless of how confident you are, for people to verbally express opinions about your body, good or bad.)

But, I should have known that would happen, because I’ve been told that before. (Kegels.)

He kept trying and eventually, we pulled it off. For a little time.

Then, I pulled away and we were back out at square one.

I’m pretty sure he was dying from temptation so his hormones were getting the best of him.

I guess he gave up, and decided that he would perform oral instead. So, I was digging that.

And, he was by far, among the top to ever perform oral sex on me. Boy was he talented.

He bent me over, even more than my slight tilt, and straight went down on me.

I loved it.

So, he went back to sex and it was still too tight.

…he went back down.

He also spanked me and talked dirty to me.

Unfortunately, the water started getting cold, so we got out.

After Shower Pt. II.

We dried off, made out, and went back to tv.

Me, getting tired, decided to head to the bedroom.

And he decided to come with me.

We laid in bed together, and cuddled a little.

He then sat up, and started the sexual rubbing and other sexy things.

The Bed. 

He climbed on top of me and removed what little clothes I had on.

He placed the condom on and we decided to try again.

It was still really tight but he managed to get it in.

It was a really great and intimate experience.

The End.

Soo… I admit it wasn’t supposed to end this way.

I started this post and saved it as a draft, but I totally forgot to finish and publish it.

As a result, all those sexy little details have left me.

My BF vs My bf.

So here’s the thing, a long time ago, I watched an episode of Degrassi.

Now, I don’t recall too many details as far as season, characters, names, etc. However, I remember a female character had a boyfriend (bf) and a best friend (BF). Both of the males in her life were going out for some position of student government (or something). Her bf got it and her BF was upset, so at the same time her bf wanted to celebrate, her BF wanted to wallow (in his misery, okay… it wasn’t that deep but you get the pic.).

At that moment, I decided I would never choose my bf over my BF.

…since this, I have stayed true to this motto.

Now. I don’t mean this in a bad way, like, “oh, she choosing.” But I mean if I am ever in a situation (perhaps¬†like the one above) I am definitely going to wallow in misery with my BF. Some people may not agree with that, but I totally have my reasons.

For me, I have known my BF longer than I have known my bf. I met them both my freshman year in college. However, my BF is my best friend. That means we have a commitment to be there for each other, so I have to pick him. Not to mention that he’ll probably be there long after my bf. Besides, when you’re fighting with your bf, who will be there to talk to you about it? …your BF.

To me, picking the BF is the best option.

However, you can not let your BFship dictate who you date and how long you date them. You’ll definitely need boundaries, just to ensure they respect each other.

I feel I’m at a place where my BF knows how much he means to me. (Which is bad, I don’t like people to know how much they mean to me. I’ll discuss that another day.) But he (I feel) will have trouble¬†respecting¬†the guys I date because he means so much.

Example, one day we were texting and I was talking about my bf. However the conversation went, he said, “he [my boyfriend] needs to get over it because I [my best friend] will always be more important.” Thats right! Hm… I honestly thinks he said it in a joking manner but I still feel that is how he feels. This is hard because regardless of if its true, he lacked respect my saying that.

However, your boyfriend needs boundaries too. Example, my bf and I have discussed what we deem inappropriate and he mentioned that he would appreciate it if I didn’t allow my guy friends to sleepover. (Normally I would let any of my guy friends stay the night when they visit, if they don’t have anywhere else to stay. Or if its just convenient. So I told my bf I’d respect his wishes.) But. I let him know that my BF would be an exception.

So this is just to say its so hard when there is competition between your BF and bf.

The Best Part of a Relationship.


So, as previously mentioned, I recently started a new relationship.

(Month 1; March 27, 2013.)

Well everything is going great.

So I figured I’d blog about the best parts of a relationship.

The Best Part. 

Simply put, its the beginning.

My Boyfriend & I are are that “cupcake phase.”

Cupcake Phase. 

We text all day everyday.

We get into little arguments about who misses who more.

And we do the whole “good morning”-“good night” texts.

The Best Texts. 

He also sends me little cute texts saying different things.

You know? …sweet nothings.

Like he’ll text just to say he thought about me.

Or just text me to say he misses me.

The Bad Part. 

My only problem with that is, it’ll be over soon. ):

(Typically, things get old and these things won’t always happen)

While showing interest, both parties focus more time and energy to establish something.

But, once established, it’s like all the hard work stops, because they now have you.

When actually, the hard work should now begin.

I Just Hope.

My Boyfriend doesn’t try that. Haha.

I’ll be sure to make him understand, he will always have to work to keep me.

On The Up-Side. 

He really is the best so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

But I will be a little sadden by the end of this phase.

However, I guess we’ll just have to find ways to make the next phase even more special and exciting.

And going to the next level of something is always good.