For the Next Ten Days…

I will be detoxing!

Yep, that is correct I am detoxing. Some people may be wondering why I have decided to do this, as detoxing is closely related to cleansing your body of drugs and losing weight.

While this is true, it is not why I am doing it. Well, the weight loss part is true. But not the drugs. (I have never taken drugs. Like ever. Literally.) Ahy who, I have deicded to complete the 10 Day Smoothie Challenge.

I initially decided to do it for the quick weight loss (10-15 lbs guaranteed in 10 days! Ps… I have two friends who did it and lost 15!), b/c I wanted to reach my goal weight before classes started on Aug. 25. However, after doing a little research, I learned my body had been screaming for a detox.

Signs you need a detox, that my body was telling me: 1. Depression, now I was not depressed but I did feel a little less happy than usual in July. I accredited it to the fact that I had no license / birth certificate before my birthday. 2. I did not feel good, nope. I was not sick. My body did not feel good. I feel super fat and gross, like my body is full of bad stuff. 3. Crowded mind, yes! Recently I found myself looking for things I have lost. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but it is huge for me. I am the most organized person I know and I NEVER lose anything. Ever. But when I realized I kept losing things, I realized I am losing my mind. While I believe a lot has to do with the fact that I moved in with Jake, and he is super messy. (My family is messy too, howvever, I have more control over what goes on at home. Plus, my family spreads their mess over the entire house, not just one room… as where Jake does. Additionally, I have my clean place. My room, I can escape the mess and head to my room, at home. But since Jake and I share a room, I have no clan place of refuge.

There are more signs, so if you notice any of those, maybe you should detox too. Here is the greatest detox info site I have found.

Therefore, detoxing is definitely the answer for me. At least I hope it is. Lets talk about these pics, shall we?


The empty cup, after my first cup of my green smoothie. Believe it or not, the smoothie did not taste that bad. It was actually really bland. You can add sugar, if you want, but I did not do so. However, this has got me wishing I could eat the ingredients, instead of blending them together.

So far I feel normal. However, I have a lot of gas. (Lol. Ps… I do not think Jake finds it as funny.) I also feel really full. With this chllenge, you are supposed to drink all the smoothies and drink lots of water. (You can snack on veggies, but I do not plan to do so). Well, unlike most people, I only drink water… therefore all this extra drinking has me feeling so full.

This brings me to my biggest concern, will I actually lose weight? Most people do not drink as much water in one week, as I drink in a day. So I fear that b/c my body may not be full of total junk, there is not much to cleanse or not many toxins to remove from my body.

Just wish me luck. However, dieting alone cannot help. Therefore, I am obviously working out too.


Ps…excuse the mess. This is the room we share, lol. 🙂

Here is my ‘Before’ pic for my Insanity regimen. Yes, I am attempting Insanity. I started a few weeks ago, but after complications with my fractured joints and asthma, I had to quit.

However, I am back at it and focused. My first time, I did it for about seven consecutive days, and began to see results. So that is good news.

However, this time I am going all the way. Doing the whole program! (However, my ‘After’ pics will be posted sooner. I will do pics once I complete the smoothie challenge, to show the progress after the detox. I will post before classes, to show my results after hitting my deadline. And again, when I complete the entire Insanity.)

What to Expect in the Future?

1. All the pics I have mentioned before.
2. A review on the 10 Day Smoothie Challenge.
3. A review on Insanity.


My Own Life.


I have my own life, too.

So just today while gazing at my site’s beautiful new design, I realized that all my recent posts have included Jake.

Jake this. Jake that. Jake, Jake, Jake… we keep hearing about Jake.

But you know what? I have my own life too. This is my life that exists outside of my relationship with him. (Lol I could not dare throw his name in there another time.)

Therefore, this post is All About Me! (Lucky you. And yes, I know I have already mentioned him… but I mean starting from this point on.)

So here are a few things I have been working on, as I am always working on myself.

I have started Insanity. Yep, that super extra hard workout circuit. And let me tell you, it is not for the weak! I mean the moves themselves are pretty difficult. Like seriously. I cannot do push-ups, and Shawn T has us doing moving push-ups. Smh.

I decided to start Insanity b/c I recently learned that I am one pound over weight. (Yes, one pound.) While my friends and family laugh at me for even caring, I think this is huge. But let me be clear, it is not so much about how I look b/c I know I am beautiful. Plus no one would have even known I was overweight had I not mentioned it.

It is about how I feel. I do not feel good. I actually feel fat, or… like my body is full of unhealthy stuff.

Therefore I have started eating better, more fresh fruits and veggies (and my God they are expensive!). And again, I have started the workout videos. In addition to those, I also have a number of workouts that I do that are more ballet and body toning centered.

So, before classes start I will be posting my ‘Before & After’ shots.

Another major thing going on with me is my Resolution Guide. I am still currently working on all my goals, some are a lot harder than others but I will be posting the progress upon completion.

My lettering, as you can see I have been practicing. I cannot wait for you guys to see the progress in that too.

Productivity wise, I am currently seeking a second job. I need the extra cash to pay for ballet. Which is pretty expensive.

That is all I shall include at this time, as I am going to start my workout.

Good Day!

This Announcement Is Huge!


Hello everyone. Hope all is well!

This is a quick post just to make a couple announcements and give a short update on what has been going on. (:

1. I have officially moved to my new sketch book for hand-lettering as the Taylor Swift notebook has been filled.

2. I have a new challenge; I will attempt to draw/sketch/create all my featured photos. (Hang in there. I am not a professional, so it shall be fun for the readers to see my growth.) PS… I drew the pic above.

3. Oh… and, we have obviously gotten a make-over! (Pretty cute AND Spring-y, right?)

Everything has been going great, unfortunately I will soon be leaving Jake’s place (Apartment 202) to return back to my real place of residency. Lol. So sad that it all has to come to end end. Definitely a summer well spent.

I have recently started Insanity and boy is it hard! I technically started last week but due to ankle pain (remember that day I sat out of ballet? Well, it turns out I had two fractured ankles. -More to come.), I will be starting over today.

I love blogging and sharing my posts however, I often times feel that I should not be sharing them. Here’s why: I started this blog for me. I wanted to track and record all the exciting moments of my life. And… that is exactly what I am doing. But as I continued to blog, more people started to read/like/subscribe to my site and that is exciting as well. As a result, I almost fear that I have compromised my site and the purpose of my site. It is so very weird. (Curious… are there any other bloggers who feel that way?)