Apartment 202.

Apartment 202.

Oh how busy I have been!

Schools out, grades are looking fine (for the most part, one none A grade), and it was time to leave campus.

However, I did not go home this time.

Instead, my bf and I moved in. Together. (Yes, TOGETHER).

As in we are living in the same house, and sleeping in the same bed.

I know it seems ‘too soon’ but whatever, these are the years for making mistakes so I do not see anything wrong with our choice. Additionally, I am technically just a ‘temporary guest.’ And, we are not alone. His brother and his brothers girlfriend are here too.

We are like a little mini pre-family.

Surprisingly enough, all my friends and family find it pretty funny. And no one has anything bad to say. Which is obviously good.

But I feel I really needed this. I has really given me the chance to try new things, actually be out on my own, and become a ‘civilized person.’ Lol.

Now, most people automatically think you get that from living on campus. And, coming from someone who has been living on campus for three years, I can honestly say you do but it does not count.

I know of tons of people who met their BFFS through living on campus, or met some life-long friend from living on campus. Whelp, it was NEVER like that for me. I always get stuck with the people who are total opposites of me. So I have literally had the worst roommate experiences while living on campus!

Any how, back to Apartment 202.

So basically we moved in together and it has been super fun. However, it has not been exactly how I initially imagined it would be. My bf is a lot messier than I realized. But, I can tell I am helping him get better at cleaning his messes.

We do not see each other as often as I thought we would. He works 5/7 days a week, therefore we get two days where we watch movies and cook dinner together. (:

Before this, I was not big on sharing. However, this has gotten me to be more giving. When living with strangers, you are OK to be selfish or decide not to share your things. But since I am living with “family” (my boyfriend, his brother, and his girlfriend), I have to be more courteous and share my things.

We do not have sex everyday, lol. When some of my friends realized that we moved in together, the assume we were having sex everyday. This is NOT the case. Lol.

So basically this post is about how moving in with my boyfriend has been one of the best decisions I have made.


Be Careful Where You Post To.

Be Careful Where You Post To.

So we are all familiar with the phrase “be careful what you wish for.” But in this day and age, we should be very careful of where you post to.

I learned this the hard way.

Not many people know, but I am not a big fan of the fad app craze. So when there’s a new game, or app, that everyone seems to have, count me out!

I never download them, as I prefer to do my own thing and always download apps that are relevant and productive in some way.

Well recently I got swept up into the peer pressure of my colleagues who had two apps, Snapchat and Fun Run.

While I only used these apps for work time fun, (during breaks of course!), as they provided us with something funny to talk about. Although they were fun, I had already decided that I was deleting them once my job ended this semester.

So a few days ago my BF, James, talked me into downloading another useless app. Glide, pictured, is basically a way of sending text messages but with videos.

I know, it sounds pretty lame. That is why I was hesitant to get and use the app. Well eventually he talked me into it and I got the app. Like most apps, this app wanted me to send invitations to my friends, contacts, etc.

Well as soon as I got the app, I bypassed the instructions and was expecting to record a video, edit the video, then send to James. And James only.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

So I took a super ridiculous video. I looked terrible, I was not dressed, what I said was dumb, it was basically a tragedy… that I did not mind James seeing.

B/c the first video worked as an invitation, it sent to every contact I had. ): Ps… it was over 150+ people!

So yes, that means almost 200 people, many of them strangers, saw this very embarrassing video.

And to make matters worse, Glide does not allow you to delete videos bc they are posted to individual threads, of whoever received the video.

This meant that I had to hurry and delete the video from every contact, one-by-one.

I almost cried.

While I was able to delete a large majority of the videos, which took 15+ minutes, I did not delete the video from every contacts thread.

So within seconds of sending the video, I had received tons of video replies, from these people. (They were mainly from people I knew and they thought it was funny.) However, this could have been much worse.

So I post this to say everyone should seriously be aware of what you are posting/sending and who you are sending it to. If you have to, double and triple check to make sure what you are sending will not one day come back to haunt you.

Even if it is all in good fun.

And yes, this is something we are always told by older people or more professional people. However, a lot of times, we- as young people, look at it as “oh we are just having fun!”

But take it from someone who has had a bad experience. And while my experience was bad, it could have been a lot worse.

Ps… especially with Snapchat bc snaps can be screen-shotted now.

Sister: A Temporary Mother.


So here is my favorite sister, Mimi.

This is her after getting dressed, from going swimming.

Although she looks cool, calm, and collected, she was far from that. Just moments before this picture was taken, she had a total meltdown! I mean it was just insane.

So here is a little about her, she suffers from a neurological disorder called Chiari Malformation (CM*). This is a disorder caused by a structural deffect, in which the bottom part of her skull is smaller than it should be. This causes ton of pain and pressure for her entire head. Her skull, spine, brain, etc, this also causes a disruption in the flow of her spinal fluid.

As a result of her disorder, she takes tons of meds. Everything from sleeping meds, meds for seizures, meds for this, for that… you get the picture.

Unfortunately, bc of her disorder, she had ‘good days’ and ‘bad days.’ Thank God she has been doing really well! So this past weekend, I had my siblings and my nephew over for some good’ole indoor swimming.

She was enjoying herself, along with all the other kids. Until she stated she was cold and wanted to get out. I got her and the baby out of the pool, to change and get dressed, while the other kids were swimming.

She was fine until we went into the locker room, where she completely flipped out and began her meltdown.

(When I described the meltdown to my mom, she started crying. Although she is only seven, I will respect her privacy and not go into details about the meltdown.) She started crying hysterically, and screaming bc she was cold.

I was so freaked out I had no idea what to do. Being a big sister, you always faced with tons of responsibility regarding your younger siblings. You have to be a friend, and listen to what they have to say. You are a mediator, when your siblings fight. You are an equal, when taking their suggestions of fun activities to do or movies to watch. And as I found out this past weekend, sometimes, you have to be a temporary mom.

I tried so hard to comfort her, as my mom would but man was it hard.

Eventually, she calmed down and the pic was taken.

While I love all my siblings, I definitely do not want to go through that again, so Mimi cannot come back for swimming, unless its blazing outside. Lol.

Spring Breakers!

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We’re Spring Breakers b/c we broke all the rules!

Most college students spend tons of money for fun during Spring Break, but we did NOT. Instead, we had just as much fun… plus, we MADE extra money!

Here are pics from our less than $100 Spring Break!

This is only a few pics, but I swear it was the best time. EVER. We went swimming (on campus), out to night clubs (a gay club), ate fancy food (from Pintrest), watched new movies (on Netflix), and made MONEY (working over time during break).

Definitely not your conventional break but it was well worth it.

Go Green.

Whew, it has been a super long time but I PROMISE to get back to posting regularly.

I just hate posting when I have nothing eventful to share.

So here it goes. A few updates.

I have… Been busy with classes. I went back to work. I ditched the iPhone. Picked up an HTC, which I love. Celebrated Valentine’s Day, with my Valentine. Who happens to be my new bf. Lowercase as in boyfriend. Don’t worry, he is sure to get his own personal post very soon.

But yeah, a lot has gone on.

However, this is just a short post about how much fun I had Friday night !

I decided to get Chipotle, go to a tailgate, and a basketball game. . .with my little brother.

It was so much fun bc I never hang out with him alone bc I never feel like we have anything in common. After all, he is only 9. Plus he’s always busy with practice and he can be a brat.

Luckily, I invited him to come over and he had a ball.

So blessed to have spent time with him.

And to add icing to this cake, my bf was off of work, so he was able to come too.

Oops, I Did It. Again.

Oops, I Did It. Again.

Whelp, I fell in like with a new guy.

Long story short, we met online*.
(*no, we did not actually meet online, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m leaving it at that.)

B/c he lives fairly close and we both had a little free-time, we decided to meet.

He obviously sent me a pic, and I thought, ‘sheesh he’s a cutie.’ But then, when I saw him in person, I thought, ‘my goossshhhh is this man gorgeous.’

We sat at my placed and talked for a little while. You know? Just getting to know some basic things about one another.

Then we decided to talk a little walk, along a trail on campus. This was soo much fun (as taking walks is definitely one of my favorite things to do). He asked me a lot of funny questions; from ‘whats the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?’ to ‘what do you like on your pizza?’

(OMG he literally JUST texted me ‘Good morning!’) Back to the post.

Our walk was very interesting. We then came back to my place for pizza. And guess what? He loves onions like I love onions. #Winning. We watched a little FoodNetwork and talked about foods that we like.

He’s like seriously the sweetest person ever. He talked about how cute I am (basically all day) and invited me to his friends going away party.

In the meanwhile, we watched tv at his place. I met his dog, his cousins, and some of his friends. It was all great. Very great. And we held hands. (I totally hate holding hands, but I sure did not mind holding his hand). ❤

So at the end of the night, he asked what my intentions were with him. I told him how I am a 'whatever happens, happens' type of person. And I assumed that was a satisfying answer, he did mention he wanted to see me again. (As we actually just made plans to hang tomorrow, whoot whoot!). However, I thought that was a great question b/c he seems to be really interested (b/c when we initially started talking, before meeting, it seemed like meeting would be a one-time thing, but b/c he wanted to hang again, it means we hit it off.)

I'll let you guys know more, as that develops.