Scrapbooking for Baby!



I’m so excited to share one of the cute things we have started this pregnancy. It is a scrapbook! Background: this actually started as our relationship scrapbook; I started creating pages to record various milestones in our relationship. (I have a page for our first birthdays together, our first car/apartment, etc.)

Since learning about baby, we decided to switch gears so this little one can have a little keepsake about its parents and our life before baby.

The Page:

This page just simply explains our lives and hobbies before we met each other. Next, there is a little section that explains things we enjoy doing together, once we started dating. I intentionally created two different backgrounds for our pics, to show how opposite we are, LOL. I also used different fonts for our headers, on our personal sections. As you can see, Jake was such a sweetie and helped with the page. He added in his own handwriting, for authenticity (wink, wink), and he also helped give me ideas for the page’s layout.


BONUS: Scrapbooking Tips:

  1. Keep it simple, especially if you are a beginner, like me.
  2. Get inspired, look online to find resources and ideas. (IG, Pinterest, etc.)
  3. Use themed pages, this helps you create an organized piece of work.
  4. Have fun! Everything requires practice, so do not get upset if your 1st book is not perfect.
  5. If it is too stressful, pay someone else to make it. (Like Shutterfly!)

Baby Talk:

Pregnancy is still going well, thank God. (No, literally. Thank God!) Tune in for the 16th week update, coming soon. Ps… I want to wait until the week is officially over, the pics are taken, and we have some good content! So pretty please come back. 🙂

Until Next Time, C. L


Belated Birthday.


This post is all about Jake’s birthday! Ps…do not worry, there is a perfectly good explaination as to why I did not hand draw a pic for this occasion!

His birthday was amazing, I got him this gift. Which he picked out, therefore he was sure to love it.

And his parents came to take him out to dinner. His parents, his siblings (minus four…he is one of eight!), and myself went to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

This was a pretty big deal b/c if you recall, this would be my first time ever meeting his parents. (:

Well, I met them… and it went pretty great (if you ask me).

They seemed really nice and excited to be spending time with Jake. His dad didn’t speak much, which I thought was pretty funny b/c Jake is like that, sometimes. And his mom is soo pretty. She looked so nice and young, I honestly thought his mom was his sister. She asked a few questions, which I thought was pretty nice.

After dinner, they came back to hang out. I got the chance to watch her cut Jake’s hair. This was big b/c lately I have been cutting his hair and I would like to cut it the way she does. (Moms do everything BEST).

Not long after, I left b/c I had community service the next morning. However, when my mom came to pick me up, my mom got to meet his parents. Also very nice. Ps… my mom thinks his mom is pretty too. Lol. (:

Here is a great mini announcement: I will be opening my hand drawn papery! Now, I cannot give a date but it will eventually happen. I am shooting for Jan. 2015, as I have so much work to do! Right now all I have is a dream and a few materials. I have just left my quiet phase (where I spent time teaching myself to work with hand lettering a well as watercolors) and this is my public phase. I have made the announcement, but I have not started my official launch.

Stay tuned.

This Announcement Is Huge!


Hello everyone. Hope all is well!

This is a quick post just to make a couple announcements and give a short update on what has been going on. (:

1. I have officially moved to my new sketch book for hand-lettering as the Taylor Swift notebook has been filled.

2. I have a new challenge; I will attempt to draw/sketch/create all my featured photos. (Hang in there. I am not a professional, so it shall be fun for the readers to see my growth.) PS… I drew the pic above.

3. Oh… and, we have obviously gotten a make-over! (Pretty cute AND Spring-y, right?)

Everything has been going great, unfortunately I will soon be leaving Jake’s place (Apartment 202) to return back to my real place of residency. Lol. So sad that it all has to come to end end. Definitely a summer well spent.

I have recently started Insanity and boy is it hard! I technically started last week but due to ankle pain (remember that day I sat out of ballet? Well, it turns out I had two fractured ankles. -More to come.), I will be starting over today.

I love blogging and sharing my posts however, I often times feel that I should not be sharing them. Here’s why: I started this blog for me. I wanted to track and record all the exciting moments of my life. And… that is exactly what I am doing. But as I continued to blog, more people started to read/like/subscribe to my site and that is exciting as well. As a result, I almost fear that I have compromised my site and the purpose of my site. It is so very weird. (Curious… are there any other bloggers who feel that way?)

A DIY Tragedy.


Here is a pic of my lips today.

Thank God.

Last night my lips and I had an accident.

As many people know, I’m taking a makeup class. Well the makeup is totally breaking my entire face out. It is also breaking my lips out.

And with the weather change, it’s just time for a lip scrub to exfoliate the lips. Right?


Well I didn’t have Vaseline so I figured I look up a DIY lip scrub on Pinterest, which I found. It only required putting toothpaste on your lips an removing when it started to tingle.

Me, being the genius I am, decided I’d leave it on longer bc it meant I’d get smoother lips. Logical, right?

Whelp, that is NOT what happened. I literally burned the skin off of my lips.

They were burning like fire. Red. And busted. I could’ve cried. Smh.

I totally learned my lesson.

I tried to recover by adding generous amounts of Carmex bc it would sit as a protective layer during this healing process and it has totally worked.

This morning my lips are back to their original color and only burn when I eat.

So, that is my DIY tragedy.

The Surprise

This is the surprise for my boyfriend:


(LDR Bracelets, made with our favorite colors.)

We’ll wear them all the time. – excluding showers, pools, (well anything wet), and when we’re together. It’s a keepsake for when we’re not together. And when we miss each other.

Yes, he liked them. (:


(Me w/ my bracelet)


(Him w/ his bracelet)

This was the first surprise that I gave him when he came to visit.