A New Mom’s Faves

Just wanted to share some of my favorite brands and products with you guys.

For those of you who do not know, I am the QUEEN of free stuff, really! Trust me. So we scored tons of free samples of different products; everything from pacifiers and bottles to diapers and books. (I’ll do another post on how to get free items, later.)

Until then, check out our current faves.

*Pictured above are just some of the free and cheap products we have accumulated. 

So, I shall jump right in:

  • Skin Care: First let me say, this was so hard! 
    • Johnson & Johnson baby wash simply bc it is very affordable. This is especially a great pick for those babies who do not require a special soap for sensitive skin. Plus this is what we were given at the hospital; if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us.  (Runner-up: Baby Dove.)
    • Baby Aveeno is our favorite lotion bc it keeps him very moisturized but not sticky. We loved this so much that we are planning to try their baby wash.(Runner-up: Honest Company.)
    • Vaseline, yes plain vaseline, is our favorite all around moisturizer for days he feels extra dry. This is also highly recommended by our pedi! She went as far as saying to use this only bc it is very moisturizing and yet so gentle. You can also add this to any other lotion to thicken it up.
      • I would like to add that we also LOVE Noodle & Boo and Mustela, however, we did not pick those bc they are more expensive than the other brands. We have also tried Babyganics, we did not love them but we did not hate them either. It is great bc everything is very foamy (so it is easy to use) but the smell is a turn off for me and they do not seem to moisturize him well. Although these did not work for us, I would still recommend them. And of course we love Honest Company wash/lotion since they are great for sensitive skin but it was not a necessity for Max.
  • Diapers & Wipes:
    • Target Up  & Up is our absolute favorite diaper! They have all of our favorite features like a great fit and wetness indicator plus they are super affordable. Less than $0.15/diaper. (Runner-up: Huggies.)
      • Others we tried: Pampers – expensive, Honest Company/ Seventh Generation – nice but Max does have adverse reactions to the other brands so we did not need sensitive skin diapers.
    • Huggies wipes, hands down. These are very tough, unlike other brands yet they are still very soft and never caused redness. (Runner-up: Pampers bc they are shockingly soft.)
      • Others we have: We have Honest wipes and Babyganics but we have not opened them yet.


  • Detergents & Soaps:
    • All Baby is our favorite detergent, bc it was the most affordable and smells great!
      • We also have samples for Babyganics but it is unopened.
    • Babyganics has our favorite bottle soap and multi-purpose wipes. They are non-toxic so there is no smell but everything is still very clean.
    • GermX is our favorite hand sanitizer bc it smells great and leaves you feeling clean. (Runner-up: Babyganics foaming sanitizer.)
      • We also have Honest Company, but it is unopened.


  • Creams & Misc:
    • Honest Company organic balm!!! This stuff is heaven sent! I love this cream so much that the whole family now uses it. We use it on Max’s moisture rash, Jake’s scratches, and I use it on the bumps on my face. This is a must buy!
    • Diaper rash cream: Max has never had diaper rash (thanks to his amazing diapers and wipes!) but we have tried out a few samples just to try them. Our pedi recommended Desitin, should he ever get it. However, we found MotherLove diaper balm to be our fave bc it was a perfect consistency. The WalMart Parent’s Choice was our least favorite bc it was too thick. And all the others contain the same active ingredient so it probably does not make a difference.
    • Earth Mama Angel Baby morning spray is our favorite “air freshener.” They offer a ton of products for mother and baby wellness so this spray is for morning sickness. Now, I never had morning sickness but I always spray this around the room.


  • Breastfeeding & Supplies:  
    • Lansinoh smart breast pump is what I used and I do not recommend it. I only used it for about two months before there seemed to be a decrease of the suction. I am very disappointed! I have reached out to their customer service but I have not had any luck. I am in the process of seeing if a Medela In Style is better for me.
    • Lansinoh nursing pads are my favorite for soaking up milk bc they are super absorbent. (Runner-up: Medela.)




Born A Fan: The Announcement!

Happy May!

I hope you are having an amazing day, like I am. So last month I posted a picture of some of my favorite baby items that we have gotten so far. And today, I would like to tell you about one of my absolute favorite brands for baby!

And what brand is that? The Honest Company, of course!

Below is a (FREE) trial size bundle of some of their most popular products, that I will most definitely be using on the little one.  Not only are these products effective, but they are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. So to me, it is a no-brainer. Their products are also backed by their Honestly Free Guarantee, which you can read about here.

honest 4

But Guess what? Just when you thought this company could not do any better, they did it. Introducing their new collection of MLB Diapers:


These diapers are full of swag, not chemicals, and will have your little one dressed to impress!

Like, it seriously does not get any cuter than this. These diapers are great for the whole family; mom can use them knowing she is not harming her little one and dad can use them because he loves the team.


Even if you are not a huge MLB fan, you will definitely find a pattern that you love because they offer so many prints. Click here to see their entire line of fabulous diapers.


And what is the best part of their entire line of diapers? Two things actually; 1. The fact that the diapers are not only cute, but they are also sturdy, durable, yet disposable. And 2. The fact that you can order in bundles! (This means you will not be making midnight trips to the supermarket because you ran out of diapers.