Not MY Delivery!

This is a long-ish post about the devastating news I recently received that changed my entire birth plan.



Here is the beautiful drawing I created as my birth plan for delivering this August. Unfortunately, none of this will happen as I am not allowed to deliver vaginally. My DR thought it would be beneficial for me to have an MRI to test for a neurological disorder that runs in my family.

I had no worries b/c I knew it would come back negative. Right? WRONG! It came back positive; I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation Type I. This means my cerebellar tonsils are herniating down through my magnum foramen.

Therefore pushing during labor could cause too much pressure, resulting in a seizure, deeper herniation, and even death. Although I was bummed about being scheduled for a c-section, it was not so bad b/c at least Jake and I could experience this wonderful time together. I later learned that I cannot receive neither an epidural or a spinal, as those also pose too many risks for my condition. So now I’m forced to get general anesthesia during my c-section, which means Jake cannot be present for the baby’s birth. He may not be able to cut the umbilical cord and I will not be able to nurse the baby, as a result of the anesthesia.


On to better news: 

We are officially hospital and baby ready! The bags are packed, clothes are washed, and the nursery is complete. All that is left is to sanitize bottles the week before baby arrives and install the car seat next week. We are also having our carpet professionally cleaned but that is not as exciting.

And How is that Little One?

Baby is doing great! Gaining so much weight; coming in at an astounding 6 lbs and 5 oz. This means the baby is measuring in the 85th percentile, 🙂

Pic 1 shows the baby’s adorable face, although s/he is blocking the view b/c s/he is obviously tired of taking photos. Or maybe the baby is just being dramatic. Pic 2 shows the “fat rolls” the baby accumulated over the past few weeks. We are so grateful this little one is doing well and gaining a lot.



And here is the most beautiful 3D ultrasound of the baby at 35 weeks and 4 days old. One upside to the c-section is that we know the exact date the baby will come. We are now just 22 very short days away.


Saturday, August 12, 2017, in the AM.



Belated Birthday.


This post is all about Jake’s birthday! Ps…do not worry, there is a perfectly good explaination as to why I did not hand draw a pic for this occasion!

His birthday was amazing, I got him this gift. Which he picked out, therefore he was sure to love it.

And his parents came to take him out to dinner. His parents, his siblings (minus four…he is one of eight!), and myself went to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

This was a pretty big deal b/c if you recall, this would be my first time ever meeting his parents. (:

Well, I met them… and it went pretty great (if you ask me).

They seemed really nice and excited to be spending time with Jake. His dad didn’t speak much, which I thought was pretty funny b/c Jake is like that, sometimes. And his mom is soo pretty. She looked so nice and young, I honestly thought his mom was his sister. She asked a few questions, which I thought was pretty nice.

After dinner, they came back to hang out. I got the chance to watch her cut Jake’s hair. This was big b/c lately I have been cutting his hair and I would like to cut it the way she does. (Moms do everything BEST).

Not long after, I left b/c I had community service the next morning. However, when my mom came to pick me up, my mom got to meet his parents. Also very nice. Ps… my mom thinks his mom is pretty too. Lol. (:

Here is a great mini announcement: I will be opening my hand drawn papery! Now, I cannot give a date but it will eventually happen. I am shooting for Jan. 2015, as I have so much work to do! Right now all I have is a dream and a few materials. I have just left my quiet phase (where I spent time teaching myself to work with hand lettering a well as watercolors) and this is my public phase. I have made the announcement, but I have not started my official launch.

Stay tuned.

A Party For Jake.


Lets first discuss this pic: It is my ‘Happy Birthday’ page. It includes some hand lettering as well as illustrations. As you can see, I am getting pretty darn good. 🙂

I am really proud of my work, so more pics coming soon.

So July 6 will be Jake’s 25th birthday*. So with his birthday coming up, I decided to buy him a gift and throw him a surprise party.

The Gift:

As you probably can guess, the gift was the hardest part. I could not decide what to get him. He does not play videos games, he does not have any real hobbies, and I hate getting people things they ‘need’ over things they ‘want’ for their birthday. After searching long and hard, I could not choose between a Beef Jerky variety set and Doctor Who disappearing coffee mug.

Well we played a game where I call out random gifts in a random order (with the two gifts I was most heavily considering included) and he told me ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether or not he would want it.

It turned out he did not want either. 😦

And my initial thought was to get him a really nice and rather expensive Coach wallet. (It was like super nice and he needed one b/c his old one was falling apart.) But… he needed it and I know he is not particularly into expensive things.

So I literally had no idea what to get him and I wanted to give up. But we went to the outlet mall and could not pass up the great sales going on in Coach and we ended up with a Coach wallet (for him) and a Coach bag (for me). 😉

Everything was great.

The Party:

Due to everything going on, we had to postpone the party to one day later. And right before I knew it my mom had shared the news, so it was no longer a surprise.

So yesterday we grilled a few things, had some pasta, and cake. It was a lot of fun. I think he enjoyed himself. We even saw fireworks downtown and did some sparklers with the littles.

Over the time we stayed with my family, he talked to his parents, who obviously wanted to come visit him for his birthday.

Only problem is, they planned to come Sunday and I would be here Sunday b/c I have a community service-free weekend.

The Parents:

Because they were planning to come this weekend, I asked if he wanted me to go home so he could spend time with them alone.

Well he stated that I could stay, if I wanted to meet him. (Awkward Moment.)

Now, it is not that I do not want to meet them. I just feel that he felt a bit obligated b/c he has met my entire family. I would have preferred he allowed me to meet them on his own terms, perhaps a time when he felt more comfortable and less obligated. I am in no rush to meet them, I just like for things to happen naturally.

So we did not talk about it more, until he was headed to work. I attempted to get out of it, by saying I would go home and come back next weekend. However, it was too late. Apparently he told his dad that I would be here. So I got stuck here in a sense.

And now I just feel awkward b/c I am not really sure he genuinely wants me to meet them.

But for the record, I am not upset nor am I nervous. Everyone loves me.

So expect another post after the weekend.

Its My Birthday!

Its My Birthday!

Whew, as some of you may (or may not know) my birthday was July 27th!

I had so much fun so this is obviously the time I’m taking to blog about it.

So it started when a few days before my big day I invited my boyfriend to come down and hang out. He obviously couldn’t come.

So I proceeded to ask James, my best friend, to come down and he said he’d try but he didn’t know for sure. Luckily, that night (technically in the middle of the night, it was 4:00AM) he said he’d come!

B/c he had to come early, we planned to do breakfast.

So July 26th, I was out all night with my Chump, his brother, and my sisters.

Honestly, I don’t even remember how it started but I believe it went along the lines of something like this: Friday was my last day of working at the summer camp and we had a picnic. Tons of fun. But mainly b/c I spent most of the tie talking to the Chump.

I was extra excited about talking to him b/c he has said, the night before, that he would stop talking to me. However, being the fool that he is, he called to tell me ‘Happy Birthday’ on July 26th. Lol. It was super funny b/c that wasn’t my birthday but it was nice b/c he told me 1st.

So yeah, we talked the whole time we were at work and decided we were going to the movies to see ‘The Conjuring.’

Unfortunately, something came up so he told me after work that we couldn’t go. But he still wanted to see me, like who wouldn’t -lol, so he came over anyway.

We spent time talking about stuff, and of course he played with the kids. (Who totally love him, smh).  And then it came time for the movies, my sister were all excited and expecting to go (even though it was established that we weren’t going). So he called his brother, and they decided to do something else instead. He asked if I would go, and I said yes, so the girls hopped in too- thinking we were going to the movies.

We didn’t go there. Lol. We did have fun though, but he was driving all fast so that was  little scary. (But I just realized he is a great driver, he should be the one teaching me maneuverability.)

Anywho, we all sat in the car talking and stuff, but eventually we got out b/c they were doing too much smoking.

So we went back home and the girls left, so we talked some more. He literally had me out all freaking night, knowing damn well I had to get up early.

Then around 12:02AM my boyfriend texted to tell me ‘Happy Birthday.’ Which was nice.

Eventually, I did leave hi for the night to get some rest. Then I was up at 6:00AM, texting my boyfriend and waiting for James to come.

So James said he was on the way and I began to get ready.

He got here pretty early and we went to breakfast. We had so so so so much fun (it was actually more fun than that, but its awkward to type ‘so’ that many times). We talked a lot about everything, since its been so long we had tons of catching up to do. Lol.

I think we spent so much time there, the waitress was virtually kicking us out. Haha. Seriously though.

The conversation was obviously the best part of our time together. Then it was super funny to learn her didn’t think he gf cares for me or cares to meet me- funny right? My boyfriend feels the same way. Haha. 😀

Eventually, we did leave. And went to lay down, then we talked some more. And his b*tch-*ss punched me so hard I thought my arm was broken (I know he’ll read this, so f*ck you James, my arm is still sore!).

Then, he tried to kill me… lol, insider.

And he left.

Later that day (on my birthday- July 27) the Chump came back over. 🙂

We just chilled and talked some. He hit me too. (Smh, these fools took ‘birthday licks’ to a whole different level). We had tons of fun too. Then he left and so we were just basically texting. And we had planned to go to the park, but a lot happened so we couldn’t. We then planned to go to the movies, something else happened and we couldn’t. Lol. But it was still fun.

(Then eventually, after spending all this time together, I finally understood what he meant about a previous conversation we had. Don’t worry, I’ll talk about that on a separate post.)

Additionally my sister had a sleepover so her friends and her made me cupcakes (pictured above, lol). And that was my birthday. Minus a few details.

Happy Birthday, to me!