His First National Ranking!


This is Michael. My younger brother. He does KARATE and is raising funds to fight in an out of state tournament for his first national ranking.

Help him ; Donate Here.


My Own Life.


I have my own life, too.

So just today while gazing at my site’s beautiful new design, I realized that all my recent posts have included Jake.

Jake this. Jake that. Jake, Jake, Jake… we keep hearing about Jake.

But you know what? I have my own life too. This is my life that exists outside of my relationship with him. (Lol I could not dare throw his name in there another time.)

Therefore, this post is All About Me! (Lucky you. And yes, I know I have already mentioned him… but I mean starting from this point on.)

So here are a few things I have been working on, as I am always working on myself.

I have started Insanity. Yep, that super extra hard workout circuit. And let me tell you, it is not for the weak! I mean the moves themselves are pretty difficult. Like seriously. I cannot do push-ups, and Shawn T has us doing moving push-ups. Smh.

I decided to start Insanity b/c I recently learned that I am one pound over weight. (Yes, one pound.) While my friends and family laugh at me for even caring, I think this is huge. But let me be clear, it is not so much about how I look b/c I know I am beautiful. Plus no one would have even known I was overweight had I not mentioned it.

It is about how I feel. I do not feel good. I actually feel fat, or… like my body is full of unhealthy stuff.

Therefore I have started eating better, more fresh fruits and veggies (and my God they are expensive!). And again, I have started the workout videos. In addition to those, I also have a number of workouts that I do that are more ballet and body toning centered.

So, before classes start I will be posting my ‘Before & After’ shots.

Another major thing going on with me is my Resolution Guide. I am still currently working on all my goals, some are a lot harder than others but I will be posting the progress upon completion.

My lettering, as you can see I have been practicing. I cannot wait for you guys to see the progress in that too.

Productivity wise, I am currently seeking a second job. I need the extra cash to pay for ballet. Which is pretty expensive.

That is all I shall include at this time, as I am going to start my workout.

Good Day!

This Announcement Is Huge!


Hello everyone. Hope all is well!

This is a quick post just to make a couple announcements and give a short update on what has been going on. (:

1. I have officially moved to my new sketch book for hand-lettering as the Taylor Swift notebook has been filled.

2. I have a new challenge; I will attempt to draw/sketch/create all my featured photos. (Hang in there. I am not a professional, so it shall be fun for the readers to see my growth.) PS… I drew the pic above.

3. Oh… and, we have obviously gotten a make-over! (Pretty cute AND Spring-y, right?)

Everything has been going great, unfortunately I will soon be leaving Jake’s place (Apartment 202) to return back to my real place of residency. Lol. So sad that it all has to come to end end. Definitely a summer well spent.

I have recently started Insanity and boy is it hard! I technically started last week but due to ankle pain (remember that day I sat out of ballet? Well, it turns out I had two fractured ankles. -More to come.), I will be starting over today.

I love blogging and sharing my posts however, I often times feel that I should not be sharing them. Here’s why: I started this blog for me. I wanted to track and record all the exciting moments of my life. And… that is exactly what I am doing. But as I continued to blog, more people started to read/like/subscribe to my site and that is exciting as well. As a result, I almost fear that I have compromised my site and the purpose of my site. It is so very weird. (Curious… are there any other bloggers who feel that way?)

My Life, In a Picture.

My Life, In a Picture.

So as everyone knows, I am a Theater major, with minors in Business and Spanish.

Initially, I wanted to spend my entire life on stage. As an actress. Then, I started ballet. And I realized I wanted to spend life on stage, as an actress and dancer.

Then I remembered all the great times I have servicing the community. Whether t was cleaning a park, or volunteering at nursing homes, or mentoring children at the summer camp.

These are the things that truly make my life worth while.

It was then that I realized, I do no want to work after college. Seems like a waste of time, money, and a degree, if I will never use it, right? Well, no. It is not. And that is the beauty of it.

Over the past few months I have really struggled with what I wanted to do with my life. I felt too much pressure to use my degree and did not think I had enough “time.”

But the thing is, no matter what you are doing, time will pass. Therefore, you should go ahead and do all that you want! There is no rush.

Just live a life that makes you happy. For me, that life is a life serving others, on and off stage.

Ballet Made Me Cry.


This title is a little exaggerated.

No, ballet did not make me cry… BUT a ballet related injury almost made me cry.

Right before Spring break, I incurred a seemingly small knee injury. My knee felt a bit tight, and it felt like it needed to pop. (Just as you would pop your knuckles). Unfortunately my regular knee popping did not work, for some reason, it still felt tight. However, I was not too worried b/c break was coming and I would have ballet free week.

Plenty of time for rest, right? Right!

Well over break, it felt a lot better, although it never popped.

So the first Monday back, of course I had ballet. So it was fine, for the most part. I tried taking it a bit easy. Not jumping, no grands, etc. I even iced it a bit.

I just knew it would get better.

But, guess what? You guessed it! It sure didn’t get better. )*:

It actually got worse. A few days later, I went to a wedding, and of course I wore stunning heels. Super tall stunning. Super tall beautiful and sparkling stunning heels.

Probably not a good idea bc the days following the wedding my knee had gotten worse and my ankle began to hurt.

I thought I was fine though, those who know me, know that I have an extremely high pain tolerance. Therefore I never take it easy when I should. I am one of those foolish people who would rather push through pain, and hope things get better, rather than see a doctor for a professional view on things.

Well this past Monday, I felt a lot of pain walking around. However, I was not going to let that keep me from doing ballet. Like seriously, this is my favorite class.

While doing barre, my prof. noticed I was a little off. My balance was shot, my grands were weak, I really looked terrible.

Then, she asked, “Hey, Cherisse, are you alright back there?” I said, “Yes, my knee and ankle are hurting little but I can dance.” Then she asked, “does it hurt to walk?” I replied, “yes.” Ps… that was the wrong answer.

She then told me to take a seat. Apparently, the rules of thumbs are as follows: 1. If it hurts to walk, do not dance. 2. If it lasts more than a week, see a professional.

So yep, I had to change my clothes and take an ‘observation day.’ That means I sat down to watch everyone else dance. Can you imagine the torture?

I literally almost cried bc it was really painful to watch everyone else do what I love the most. (Ps… here is my view. They were beginning to stretch for splits. )

It felt a little better this morning and I was hoping to dance in jazz today. However, my prof. in there also made me sit and ice my limbs today.

Soo… this has been a pretty crappy week, so far.

I just try to keep telling myself, I need to sit out so I do not permanently injure myself and hinder my chances of dancing forever.

Wish me luck.

We’re Not Makin’ Love No More.

We're Not Makin' Love No More.

“…we’re not even trying to change…we don’t even talk no more, we ran out of words to say.”
-Dru Hill.

That song actually has nothing to do with this post. That song is basically about a break up and how things go so wrong, it makes you wonder why nothing lasts forever. And does anything ever stay the same.

However, this post is just an update on everything going on since its the end of the semester, and I have time to write a full length blog, rather than the minis I have been writing lately.

I’ll start with an update and then talk about the pic.

Update: Everything is great. I have been extremely busy, just waiting for break. The semester could have gone better, as I had a few disappointments.

Of the four auditions, none of them were “successful,” although I am super confident about all of m performances. Fortunately, I have three auditions in January. An acting audition, that will make or break my whole entire future. (Okay, a little dramatic… but you get the idea). And I have two dancing auditions, which are equally important. Just send me good vibes and prayers.

As far as classes go, I am only worried about one class. So yep, pray about that too. Thanks. All and all, I am not too excited about the majority of my Spring 2014 classes. So, send good vibes for that too.

My family is great, we have about a month and a half left until I welcome my new nephew. And my other nephew, PeePie (PP), just turned one. (Don’t worry, his solo post is definitely coming). My favorite sister is learning math and learning how to read, I am beyond proud of her. And the others are great too. I will do a more in depth post about them during the holidays.

Also, I have big news! I am teaching myself to cook. I can make over five dishes! Whoot-whoot. Yep, I am definitely going to post about all the things I can make, full of pics and directions to accompany it.

Recently I realized just how selfish I can be, therefore that is a new goal of mine. This brings up my pic.

The Pic:
This a pic of me in my dance attire, about 10 minutes ago.

I posted this as my “Day 1.”

I am going to undergo a makeover! …no, not a makeover like beautify myself with tons of makeup and weave. But rather work on improving myself inside and out. Everything from my character flaws and my muscle tone. Ha.

So I never did an update, but I have drastically cut back on my cursing. Whoot! (Did you notice how I have not been cursing in the posts either?) But now I want to work on being less selfish. Also I would like to expand my vocabulary. And investing more into my career. I will post on the specifics soon enough.

As far as my body, in the pic, I want to work on strengthening my body for ballet. A lot of people do not realize that when you have flexibility, you lack strength, and vice versa. Therefore, b/c I am extremely flexible, my body is extremely weak. Whomp!

So by the time ballet starts, after break, I have an entire list of things I want to accomplish.

I will get into details later.

Whelp, that is it… for now.

I Could Be Doing Plie’s.

I Could Be Doing Plie's.

Soo… ballet was cancelled.

Yes, my favorite class was cancelled b/c my university is on a 10AM delay. Meaning only classes starting after 10AM are in session. Ballet starts at 8:30AM.

Apparently the dangerous conditions of ice on the road, due to the weather are to blame.

I looked outside and you can hardly tell it snowed. Like seriously. This pic does a great job showing the “dangerous conditions” outside my apartment.

I am not only pissed that my favorite class is cancelled, but I am even more pissed that my other classes are in session! Do I look like I’m in the mood to do some effing makeup? (I know you cannot see but, but trust me, no, I do not look like I am in the mood). Do I even look like I am in the mood to listen and/or participate in a poetry reading? (Again, just say no).

So I cannot do plies but I can go to those stupid classes? Miss me with that ish.

My day is ruined and now I am all out of truffles*.

*Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles; my new favorite thing. I am definitely accepting donations as they are on sale for the holidays. Please and thank you.