Scrapbooking for Baby!



I’m so excited to share one of the cute things we have started this pregnancy. It is a scrapbook! Background: this actually started as our relationship scrapbook; I started creating pages to record various milestones in our relationship. (I have a page for our first birthdays together, our first car/apartment, etc.)

Since learning about baby, we decided to switch gears so this little one can have a little keepsake about its parents and our life before baby.

The Page:

This page just simply explains our lives and hobbies before we met each other. Next, there is a little section that explains things we enjoy doing together, once we started dating. I intentionally created two different backgrounds for our pics, to show how opposite we are, LOL. I also used different fonts for our headers, on our personal sections. As you can see, Jake was such a sweetie and helped with the page. He added in his own handwriting, for authenticity (wink, wink), and he also helped give me ideas for the page’s layout.


BONUS: Scrapbooking Tips:

  1. Keep it simple, especially if you are a beginner, like me.
  2. Get inspired, look online to find resources and ideas. (IG, Pinterest, etc.)
  3. Use themed pages, this helps you create an organized piece of work.
  4. Have fun! Everything requires practice, so do not get upset if your 1st book is not perfect.
  5. If it is too stressful, pay someone else to make it. (Like Shutterfly!)

Baby Talk:

Pregnancy is still going well, thank God. (No, literally. Thank God!) Tune in for the 16th week update, coming soon. Ps… I want to wait until the week is officially over, the pics are taken, and we have some good content! So pretty please come back. šŸ™‚

Until Next Time, C. L


A Grand Adventure is About to Begin…

One of my favorite pictures, from our “announcement shoot.”

It is with great honor, that we share our great big news: We are having a baby!

We could not be more excited or anxious to embark upon this journey.

That means that I will officially be switching the “theme” of this blog.

I will focus on my pregnancy.

So let me get you guys up to speed:

We are currently 14 weeks and 5 days soĀ baby is due August 19, 2017!

We do not know the gender but plan to find out soon.

So far I have not had ANY morning sickness. (Knock on wood.)

In fact, I feel great and I have been able to carry on as my normal self.

We have already bought so much cute stuff, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Why Hello 2017!

Well hello there, everyone! How are you guys doing out there? Good? Good!

Whelp, I guess you are here for the BIG NEWS I mentioned in my “farewell 2016” post… and here it is:

This blog will become a journey blog, very shortly!

In fact, this post is just the pre-announcement post that should pave the way for the actual announcement that will come on February 14, 2017!

So hold on a little longer and continue to stay tuned b/c the big news will be announced here in about a month. Hint, hint: the announcement revolves around the type of journey IĀ will begin documenting.

Until then, ttyl! šŸ™‚

So Happy to End 2016 Bc…

This has been the longest year in my life, no …not literally, but you get it.

So lets see… I had threeĀ miscarriages, which no one knows about. (Except Jake, of course). And even though they were not “terrible” I definitely affected myself, my relationship, and Jake. I am just happy to leave these things behind. Soon after my OB told us we could not have children and that we should look into infertility treatments. Seriously? Im not even 25! Boy was I pissed. So anyways, yeah. I am happy to leave that in 2016.

On the up side, I went back to school for Nursing and it is going great. (4.0 great, *wink*). I am looking and applying for some new jobs, related to healthcare and I am excited to be moving forward.

We also bought (another) brand new car. Its a 2016 Chevy Equinox. It is super cute and a good size for us but it isn’t so great on gas.

I unintentionally abandoned this blog b/c I just could not keep up with it. But the good news is that I have an exciting announcement coming January 2017 and the hint is that is involves the future of this blog. Until then, I will be updating everything here and messing around with some designs. I hope to gain back my old followers and also get some new ones before the announcement.


Off with the Rings.


*A lovely picture of my ring, from Jake of course.

However, it is pictured in the box – where it will be staying for some time. And I shall explain why.

So as recently mentioned, Jake and I celebrated our two year anniversary as well as Valentines’ Day. I talked about how excited we both were and how awesome things were between us but apparently I spoke too soon.

Since the posts, things have not been so awesome after all.

No, its not that we have been arguing non-stop but rather we have not done anything. We have not talked, have not spent time together, etc. And it is not all our faults, work schedules have a lot to do with that.

That along with a bunch of minor issues, that would normally work themselves out. But since we have not spent a lot of time lately, these little issues are thriving instead of diminishing. And that bothers me.

I have tried to talk to him so many times but I just cannot get through to him and I do not know what else I canĀ do. We do not have time for the conversations and honestly, I do not feel he is being open or making the time to have the conversations we need to be having.

For a long time, I was/am the “mean/bossy/rude” one. And I cannot help that. I have always been this way and he knows that I am taking steps to address that but he does not understand how hard that is for me. In the process, I feel he has tried to become “the victim.” I have been so obsessed with trying to walk on eggshells and be nice to him, so that he does not feel abused or bullied in our relationship but its beginning to stress me out.

There are plenty of times that I just walk away from things, although I am passionate about them and want to talk with him about those things. And while doing that, I am sacrificing and not happy with that.

For a little while I felt like I was approaching the line of being unhappy in this relationship. Which is weird and new for me because I have never felt this way towards Jake or our relationship. And that also bothers me because I would like to discuss this with him, so he knows and we can address it. But again, I have avoided having this talk because I assumed the feelings would pass and that I would hurt his feelings. (And as mentioned earlier, we really have not had the time.)

He really is a great guy but now I just question if he is the great guy…for me, forever.

To be continued…

Not So Happy 2016.



I’ll start by saying this is a vent post, meaning I am just writing to vent. So there is no story here. Just me venting.

Alright, so everyone knows despiteĀ things like graduation and two new cars and a new job and other stuff, 2015 was by far the worst year of my entire life.

Early 2015, I realized it was going to be an extremely bad year and I already made a resolution for 2016 to be my best year. After all, I feel like I deserve. I just experienced some very amazing things but I do not feel I ever got the chance to celebrate any of those things. I didn’t throw a grad party, we didn’t road trip in our new car, etc. Like I feel I am just “going through the motions.” Everything is a count down for me. At work, Im counting down the time until break. Then my lunch time. Then going home. Then I go home and count down hours until Jake comes home. Then go to bed, just to wake up and do the same thing the following day.

Its sucking the life right out of me.

So anyways Jake and I made a ton of plans for this year and so far, nothing is happening. Its just a big anticlimactic day after another.

I mean, obviously we are only two months into 2016 but I just thought I would be having so much more fun by now. I thought we would be putting our plans into action.

I just feel like I am already losing faith in 2016 and it really hasn’t even started yet. And as for my mind, it feels like the picture above. I have like 100,000 thought racing daily and I cannot seem to put them in their proper places. That is also irritating.

I mean, I am working at a job I like – while working towards building the experience that I need for the job I ultimately want to have. I have also spent a great deal of time working on my re-launch for my new blog and business site. However,Ā I am just so impatient and want everything to fall into place, like yesterday.