Improving, Myself.

Goals for 2018:

Develop my life map, get to prebaby weight, and create my career plan. 

Tips for Completing Your Goals:

Be SMART about your goals! Establish goals that are Specific and Measurable. Then, break those into tiny Actions you can complete. Make goals that are Realistic and always have a Timeframe.

Want more tips? Need help with your goals, big or small? Click here to visit my friend’s awesome website! 🙂


Past Goals:

(2017) To get within a healthy weight. Go vegetarian. Build on my brand.

(2016) To finalize business plans. To begin paying on student loans. To define my bliss, to find my bliss, and to maintain my bliss.

(2015) To pass my driving test. To get custody of my sister. To graduate college. To begin planning for my business. 

(2014) One Bad Habit I Will Break: I will stop cursing. One Skill I’d Like to Acquire: Piano or guitar. A Person I’d Like to be More Like: I will be better than Taylor Swift. One Good Deed I Will Do: Donate clothes to the GoodWill. Place I’d Like to Visit: A hiking trail, or campground. Book I’d Like to Read: ‘Flowers in the Attic.’One Letter I Will Write: My ‘open whens…’ for my siblings. One Food I Will Try and/or Make: Something from Pinterest. Going to do Better At: Ballet, I will do ballet workouts everyday. I Will Commit More To: My crafts; ballet, theater, and Spanish. Any Additional Goal(s): Get my F*CKING license!!!

(2013) Myself, as a person: Start back reading, 1st book of choice: “As I Lay Dying” by W. Faulkner. Stop cursing. Start back using my planner. Myself, as an actress: Read “Audition” by Michael Shurtleff. Organize portfolio. Journal everyday, make it a habit.


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