What is this blog about?

My blog is about many things really. It is about everything from challenges that I face, new adventures, and how I plan to maintain my bliss. Especially this pregnancy.

What is Bliss?

To me, bliss is what keeps me moving. Now that I have defined that, I can find that, and maintain it.

What inspired this blog?

Initially, my blog was inspired by my autobiography. However, so much has changed since then… and now I find my main inspiration to be my family.

What are some topics that I may find discussed here?

Anything that I have experienced first hand; loss of parents, pregnancy, college, relationships, and much more.

Who is Jake?

Jake is my boyfriend and future Husband, I mention him a lot so you should know who he is.

I read this but I want to know more about you.

Check out my ‘About Me.’  If you still can’t find your answer, follow & contact me. (:


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