What is this blog about?

My blog is about many things really. It is about everything from challenges that I face, new adventures, and how I plan to maintain my bliss. Especially this newfound chapter.

What is Bliss?

To me, bliss is what keeps me moving. Now that I have defined that, I can find that, and maintain it.

What inspired this blog?

Initially, my blog was inspired by my autobiography. However, so much has changed since then… and now I find my main inspiration to be my family.

What are some topics that I may find discussed here?

Anything that I have experienced first hand; loss of parents, pregnancy, college, relationships, and much more.

Who is Jake?

Jake is my boyfriend and future Husband, I mention him a lot so you should know who he is.

What if I want to purchase something that is not in your online store?

Let me know (through comment or DM on Instagram) and I’ll try to stock it, just for you!

Do you use other social media?

Of course, I’m on: Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Youtube. Snapchat: @ThePreferredOne.

Contact Me: 

Email is TBA, however, feel free to contact me on IG for collabs.

I read this but I want to know more about you.

Check out my ‘About Me.’  If you still can’t find your answer, follow & contact me. (:



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