Why Hello 2017!

Well hello there, everyone! How are you guys doing out there? Good? Good!

Whelp, I guess you are here for the BIG NEWS I mentioned in my “farewell 2016” post… and here it is:

This blog will become a journey blog, very shortly!

In fact, this post is just the pre-announcement post that should pave the way for the actual announcement that will come on February 14, 2017!

So hold on a little longer and continue to stay tuned b/c the big news will be announced here in about a month. Hint, hint: the announcement revolves around the type of journey I will begin documenting.

Until then, ttyl! 🙂


Some Things You Never Knew About College!

Here, on my other site, I have began a mini college series.

The posts have/will feature some advice, tips, tricks, etc about surviving college. And so far, they have been a huge hit.

Take a look here. 🙂

For the Next Ten Days…

I will be detoxing!

Yep, that is correct I am detoxing. Some people may be wondering why I have decided to do this, as detoxing is closely related to cleansing your body of drugs and losing weight.

While this is true, it is not why I am doing it. Well, the weight loss part is true. But not the drugs. (I have never taken drugs. Like ever. Literally.) Ahy who, I have deicded to complete the 10 Day Smoothie Challenge.

I initially decided to do it for the quick weight loss (10-15 lbs guaranteed in 10 days! Ps… I have two friends who did it and lost 15!), b/c I wanted to reach my goal weight before classes started on Aug. 25. However, after doing a little research, I learned my body had been screaming for a detox.

Signs you need a detox, that my body was telling me: 1. Depression, now I was not depressed but I did feel a little less happy than usual in July. I accredited it to the fact that I had no license / birth certificate before my birthday. 2. I did not feel good, nope. I was not sick. My body did not feel good. I feel super fat and gross, like my body is full of bad stuff. 3. Crowded mind, yes! Recently I found myself looking for things I have lost. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but it is huge for me. I am the most organized person I know and I NEVER lose anything. Ever. But when I realized I kept losing things, I realized I am losing my mind. While I believe a lot has to do with the fact that I moved in with Jake, and he is super messy. (My family is messy too, howvever, I have more control over what goes on at home. Plus, my family spreads their mess over the entire house, not just one room… as where Jake does. Additionally, I have my clean place. My room, I can escape the mess and head to my room, at home. But since Jake and I share a room, I have no clan place of refuge.

There are more signs, so if you notice any of those, maybe you should detox too. Here is the greatest detox info site I have found.

Therefore, detoxing is definitely the answer for me. At least I hope it is. Lets talk about these pics, shall we?


The empty cup, after my first cup of my green smoothie. Believe it or not, the smoothie did not taste that bad. It was actually really bland. You can add sugar, if you want, but I did not do so. However, this has got me wishing I could eat the ingredients, instead of blending them together.

So far I feel normal. However, I have a lot of gas. (Lol. Ps… I do not think Jake finds it as funny.) I also feel really full. With this chllenge, you are supposed to drink all the smoothies and drink lots of water. (You can snack on veggies, but I do not plan to do so). Well, unlike most people, I only drink water… therefore all this extra drinking has me feeling so full.

This brings me to my biggest concern, will I actually lose weight? Most people do not drink as much water in one week, as I drink in a day. So I fear that b/c my body may not be full of total junk, there is not much to cleanse or not many toxins to remove from my body.

Just wish me luck. However, dieting alone cannot help. Therefore, I am obviously working out too.


Ps…excuse the mess. This is the room we share, lol. 🙂

Here is my ‘Before’ pic for my Insanity regimen. Yes, I am attempting Insanity. I started a few weeks ago, but after complications with my fractured joints and asthma, I had to quit.

However, I am back at it and focused. My first time, I did it for about seven consecutive days, and began to see results. So that is good news.

However, this time I am going all the way. Doing the whole program! (However, my ‘After’ pics will be posted sooner. I will do pics once I complete the smoothie challenge, to show the progress after the detox. I will post before classes, to show my results after hitting my deadline. And again, when I complete the entire Insanity.)

What to Expect in the Future?

1. All the pics I have mentioned before.
2. A review on the 10 Day Smoothie Challenge.
3. A review on Insanity.

Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming.


Oh. Em. Gee! (I literally keep screaming b/c I cannot even believe I am about to announce this.)

Jake…and I, had our first baby, together. (:

I know I never announced that we were expecting but that is b/c we built our baby.

Now. Without further ado, I introduce to you: Cassio R-D. Our Build-A-Bear son.

Today we had the pleasure of creating him. As exciting as this is, it is not the biggest part of our news.

Today, we even had the pleasure of checking out…PAUSE.

Lets first take a quick look at our relationship, how I feel about him, and how he feels about me.

*Note: This is long, feel free to skip to the next italic section to get the short version of this post.*

Our Story:
we met ‘online’ Jan. 2014. We hung out soon after. Our first meeting was really laid back and casual. While I thought he was a little boring, and he thought I was crazy (I pulled my taser out on him. Lol.) We both wanted to see each other again.

By Feb. 2014, we knew we would be together. He asked me out, and I agreed. We have exclusively been dating since then.

Not long after, he expressed his love for me. While I was a little surprised (b/c technically he claimed to have loved me before we were dating), I actually believed him.

Well since then, we have moved in together. Met the parents. (Grand parents and cousins too). Etc.

Recently, during a deep conversation with him, I realized just how much he means to me. I realized that he is literally he most amazing man that I know (and in the world). There is nothing I would not do for him. And I really love him. Everything about him.

I enjoy how he keeps me grounded and can always calm me down. I enjoy how easily he can make me laugh and smile. I enjoy how he interacts with my family. I enjoy how dedicated he is to making me happy. I enjoy how he makes me a better person. And most importantly, I enjoy how he accept me as I am. (Like really, I am in serious need of anger management and he is so dedicated to helping me through the process.)

Just for the record, I have never felt like this about anyone before. He is my first love, as well as my first serious relationship. There is not anyone else I would rather be with. He impresses and surprises me everyday. I cannot wait until we can spend the rest of our days together.

Back to the initial story…

Today, Jake and I looked at some rings! Yes, rings. Wedding rings. Engagement rings. Promise rings. Etc.

It was soo much fun. I tried some things on. We talked prices, styles, colors, materials, etc. The women were so nice and helpful. They took my ‘no vision’ (b/c this was our first day looking, we had nothing in mind) an turned it into a beautiful ring.

Yep, this means we picked the ring out. (Pics coming soon, as it first has to be sized and picked up).

I cannot wait to share the pics with everyone.

Now, as anyone can imagine, this day was beyond perfect and special. I do not think you guys actually understand!

The past few days, we stayed the night at my moms place (to celebrate Mimi’s birthday -pics coming soon). However, my mom mentioned that (long story short) I was smothering Jake.

And jokingly, he agreed. I was devastated. Not b/c he agreed, but b/c this was the first time anyone has ever said anything. And… I know it is true.

B/c we live together, we obviously do not get much time apart. However, whenever we go out, I have to hold his hand. Or sit next to him. And basically… smother him.

Now, it is not intentional however, since he started third shift, our schedule has been off. He gets home early, we eat. Nap. I get up soon after, but he is still sleeping. And before you know it, he is getting up and ready for work.

While we are physically together everyday, we have not spent as much time together. We have not done dinner and a movie in a couple weeks. We have not cooked together for a while. And we have not taken a walk for a while. It has been work-work-work for the past few weeks.

Then, to make things worse, we have not even been spending time together on his off days. We used to spend those days staying in bed and cuddling, but b/c he is helping my family paint, we have been with them. And everyone loves him, so they want to hang out with him. And play with him. And talk to him. So I have been forced to share my boyfriend with everyone else, note- our lack of time alone.

I know I should be happy that everyone loves him, and he loves them however, it just makes me feel like I never get him to myself. It also made me realize just how mean I am. Not to him, but to everyone. (I should be excused, I need anger management… like really). But, I shall not justify anything. I guess there is a small part of me that is afraid he will possibly break up with me b/c ‘I am so rude and so mean.’

So after a long few days of feeling like a terrible and annoying gf, I decided to give him a break and stay away for the weekend. But after spending time together today, we assured me that I have nothing to worry about.

It feels good. No great. Well… it is an inexplicable feeling.

Well this has been a very long and emotional post (no, I did not cry… I am not the crying type.), I must bring it to an end. For I have some things to look up and some planning to do.

But… to recap, we had a baby bear and picked out the most beautiful ring in the world today. I am internally and externally grateful for Jake.

Belated Birthday.


This post is all about Jake’s birthday! Ps…do not worry, there is a perfectly good explaination as to why I did not hand draw a pic for this occasion!

His birthday was amazing, I got him this gift. Which he picked out, therefore he was sure to love it.

And his parents came to take him out to dinner. His parents, his siblings (minus four…he is one of eight!), and myself went to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

This was a pretty big deal b/c if you recall, this would be my first time ever meeting his parents. (:

Well, I met them… and it went pretty great (if you ask me).

They seemed really nice and excited to be spending time with Jake. His dad didn’t speak much, which I thought was pretty funny b/c Jake is like that, sometimes. And his mom is soo pretty. She looked so nice and young, I honestly thought his mom was his sister. She asked a few questions, which I thought was pretty nice.

After dinner, they came back to hang out. I got the chance to watch her cut Jake’s hair. This was big b/c lately I have been cutting his hair and I would like to cut it the way she does. (Moms do everything BEST).

Not long after, I left b/c I had community service the next morning. However, when my mom came to pick me up, my mom got to meet his parents. Also very nice. Ps… my mom thinks his mom is pretty too. Lol. (:

Here is a great mini announcement: I will be opening my hand drawn papery! Now, I cannot give a date but it will eventually happen. I am shooting for Jan. 2015, as I have so much work to do! Right now all I have is a dream and a few materials. I have just left my quiet phase (where I spent time teaching myself to work with hand lettering a well as watercolors) and this is my public phase. I have made the announcement, but I have not started my official launch.

Stay tuned.

Help, Please?

Help, Please?

I’m relatively new here and now I need help!

(I’ll take it from anyone who has advice or a suggestion.)

I love my blog, however, I want to spice it up a bit. You know? … personalize it.

Being the independent blogger (person too) that I am, I Googled it. I found that wordpress offers plug-ins, features, widgets, etc to help you get your blog perfect.

However, I’m a little skeptical b/c I’ve had a bad experience with a plug-in on my tumblr (BlogsByRisseShea.tumblr.com).

I really want to make some additions to my site, so does anyone have advice on how to do so in a way that is easy/efficient (and something that’s easily reversible)?