The Surprise at Ferguson.

*Disclaimer: Obviously the thoughts and views discussed here are my personal opinion. 


“The surprise” at Ferguson? Not really, because I know there are probably thousands of people who are not at all surprised. Therefore, this is sarcastically speaking.

However, I am surprised at some things regarding the decision. I am surprised that we as a society would rather place blame on social media, or other irrelevant things, than recognize and seek justice for another teenager who has been killed. I am surprised that some people still try and justify his death. And surprised that although so man people are “outraged” yet very few will actually sacrifice their time and do something meaningful enough to make a change.

I look on Twitter and see so many people, black and white, posting things like: “A system can’t fail those it was never meant to protect” and “I hate the police” or, my personal favorite, “if a police officer tell you to do something, you do it.”

These quotes do not mean anything, these quotes are not going to change the circumstances of the case nor will they change the mentality of our society.

We, as a society, do not even realize what type of message these crimes (and similar crimes) send to younger generations. Not blacks…not whites…but younger generations of all races and of all backgrounds.

If you do not feel the system is protecting you, how are you going to change that? What can you do? You can become an activist, become a lawyer, or become a police officer… there are so many options that we have. We cannot just sit back and type things behind a cell phone screen or the screen of a laptop. (Myself included). We have to place more emphasis on actions, not words.

Furthermore, if your government or your local authority cannot protect you, we the people should move to unite and seek to protect ourselves. With so much negativity and such a lack of unity in the black community, how are we ever going to make a difference and/or make that happen? We cannot continue to cloud our minds with unnecessary things like: “what new tennis shoes are coming out, or who had the hottest mixtape, and who’s winning – lightskins or darkskins.” Living in a society that has place a little value on your life, or the lives of your friends and family, we cannot feed into it. We can no longer divide ourselves. Our only option is unity.

And maybe you have not realized, but even if he had gotten indicted, what does that change? There is still a family who will be missing their son this Thanksgiving. There is still another death to mourn. And this did not start with M. Brown, it did not even start with T. Martin. These are injustices that have been going on for hundreds of years.

And I write this to blow off a little steam regarding the whole situation. And also because just when I think things are getting better, I suddenly realize that we as a society are moving backwards. We are not practicing “justice for all.”



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