This Announcement Is Huge!


Hello everyone. Hope all is well!

This is a quick post just to make a couple announcements and give a short update on what has been going on. (:

1. I have officially moved to my new sketch book for hand-lettering as the Taylor Swift notebook has been filled.

2. I have a new challenge; I will attempt to draw/sketch/create all my featured photos. (Hang in there. I am not a professional, so it shall be fun for the readers to see my growth.) PS… I drew the pic above.

3. Oh… and, we have obviously gotten a make-over! (Pretty cute AND Spring-y, right?)

Everything has been going great, unfortunately I will soon be leaving Jake’s place (Apartment 202) to return back to my real place of residency. Lol. So sad that it all has to come to end end. Definitely a summer well spent.

I have recently started Insanity and boy is it hard! I technically started last week but due to ankle pain (remember that day I sat out of ballet? Well, it turns out I had two fractured ankles. -More to come.), I will be starting over today.

I love blogging and sharing my posts however, I often times feel that I should not be sharing them. Here’s why: I started this blog for me. I wanted to track and record all the exciting moments of my life. And… that is exactly what I am doing. But as I continued to blog, more people started to read/like/subscribe to my site and that is exciting as well. As a result, I almost fear that I have compromised my site and the purpose of my site. It is so very weird. (Curious… are there any other bloggers who feel that way?)


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