Same House, Different Bed.

Same House, Different Bed.

So I recently (like really recently) posted about Jake and I moving in together.

I basically talked about how we just “went for it” and everything was great!

Well, I do not know if that is the case anymore. ):

So being with someone all the time (but not 24/7 bc he works outside of the house, and I do nothing all day. Whomp!) you start to notice all the things you do not like about them.

While I feel this move has showed Jake that I am a lot bossier, and maybe meaner (ugh, who am I kidding? I KNOW he thinks I am mean bc he tells me everyday. Lol), I am still convinced he is in it for the long run. (Or however that saying goes. You know, the one basically saying someone is going to stick around? Yeah, that one.)

So even though there are things he probably does not prefer about me, I know he appreciates them. Even how I wake him up, when he is sleeping like a baby.

But… it is different for me.

All this time, I told myself there was only one thing I did not like about him. (Lol and he already knows it. However, when sleeping with him everyday, I have learned that I am not as fond of his snoring, his ability to sleep the day away, and… the way he moves every five minutes! (Ps… still not talking behind his back, because he knows that too. Lol!)

Yesterday, I had a great idea: Lets sleep in different beds! (:

I figured if we slept in an L-shape, we could still gaze in each others’ eyes and talk, just as we would if we were together. Except, this was better! I did not have to hear him snore (as loud), I would not wake him when I got up (I am up at 7A and he is up by noon… if I am lucky), and I did not have to deal with him moving so much.

Awesome idea, right? WRONG! (I know you guessed it, otherwise, there would not be much of a story here. )

Anyways, I literally felt soo far away from him. And… I was cold like all night. ):

Luckily we got up at the same time in the middle of the night and had a type of mini-date. We just watched Twilight Zone and talked, lol. But it was the best part of that whole stupid night.

I cannot believe I came up with an idea so stupid, lol. But, I guess it was fun to try something different.

Ps… I was so cold I made us hold hands during the night. Haha.

So, I write this to say: I do not prefer Jake’s snoring, or him moving so much, or how late he wakes up. BUT… I definitely appreciate that (and everything else) about him. ❤


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