Apartment 202.

Apartment 202.

Oh how busy I have been!

Schools out, grades are looking fine (for the most part, one none A grade), and it was time to leave campus.

However, I did not go home this time.

Instead, my bf and I moved in. Together. (Yes, TOGETHER).

As in we are living in the same house, and sleeping in the same bed.

I know it seems ‘too soon’ but whatever, these are the years for making mistakes so I do not see anything wrong with our choice. Additionally, I am technically just a ‘temporary guest.’ And, we are not alone. His brother and his brothers girlfriend are here too.

We are like a little mini pre-family.

Surprisingly enough, all my friends and family find it pretty funny. And no one has anything bad to say. Which is obviously good.

But I feel I really needed this. I has really given me the chance to try new things, actually be out on my own, and become a ‘civilized person.’ Lol.

Now, most people automatically think you get that from living on campus. And, coming from someone who has been living on campus for three years, I can honestly say you do but it does not count.

I know of tons of people who met their BFFS through living on campus, or met some life-long friend from living on campus. Whelp, it was NEVER like that for me. I always get stuck with the people who are total opposites of me. So I have literally had the worst roommate experiences while living on campus!

Any how, back to Apartment 202.

So basically we moved in together and it has been super fun. However, it has not been exactly how I initially imagined it would be. My bf is a lot messier than I realized. But, I can tell I am helping him get better at cleaning his messes.

We do not see each other as often as I thought we would. He works 5/7 days a week, therefore we get two days where we watch movies and cook dinner together. (:

Before this, I was not big on sharing. However, this has gotten me to be more giving. When living with strangers, you are OK to be selfish or decide not to share your things. But since I am living with “family” (my boyfriend, his brother, and his girlfriend), I have to be more courteous and share my things.

We do not have sex everyday, lol. When some of my friends realized that we moved in together, the assume we were having sex everyday. This is NOT the case. Lol.

So basically this post is about how moving in with my boyfriend has been one of the best decisions I have made.


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