Its The Little Things.

Its The Little Things.

So here is pic of Jake and I, from last week.

Definitely my fav pic of us bc its the only framed pic that we have together. Plus its cute and I made put it together.

So Happy (Late) Easter. (:

Now Easter is one of those holidays that some people feel they need to recieve gifts, candies, etc for. However, I don’t feel that way. (Actually, I am not by any means a holiday person. So yeah. ) But Jake is.

So when Jake found out I was not going to church and no one in my family made me an Easter basket, he decided to take it upon himself to do so. (I know a pic of the things he got me would have been better, but I like the pic of us better. Lol).

So he goes out and buys me tons of chocolate. All my favorite things. Even Magnum ice cream bars (my krypton)! So you can imagine how effing excited I was. I got him goodies also, specifically the items to make s’mores bc he had never had them. Plus I could not find beef jerky or black licorice, which he loves so that worked too.

Now we had a fun Easter, hanging out. Blah, blah.

So yesterday, the day after Easter, we decided to make the s’mores and hang out. Well the initial plan was for him to stay the night, but bc he had a lot of homework he decided to leave in the middle of the night.

Now, I fell asleep at about 11:45 and woke up about midnight and realized he was not there. I was a little confused bc I do not remeber him leaving.

So I texted him to ask what happened, and he said, ‘[yeah, I had to leave bc I have homework and decided to go since you were sleeping and I did not want to wake you. But I left you a note.]’

So I am tearing my room apart to find some long elaborate note that he left. And just when I gave up, I sat down at my desk and saw the little yellow sticky. (In the pic).

It read, ‘I Love You. <3.'

I was beyond grateful and excited, and every other great feeling.

That little yellow sticky meant more than any other gift, candy, item he has ever given me. So it just goes to show, its the little things that count.


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