Be Careful Where You Post To.

Be Careful Where You Post To.

So we are all familiar with the phrase “be careful what you wish for.” But in this day and age, we should be very careful of where you post to.

I learned this the hard way.

Not many people know, but I am not a big fan of the fad app craze. So when there’s a new game, or app, that everyone seems to have, count me out!

I never download them, as I prefer to do my own thing and always download apps that are relevant and productive in some way.

Well recently I got swept up into the peer pressure of my colleagues who had two apps, Snapchat and Fun Run.

While I only used these apps for work time fun, (during breaks of course!), as they provided us with something funny to talk about. Although they were fun, I had already decided that I was deleting them once my job ended this semester.

So a few days ago my BF, James, talked me into downloading another useless app. Glide, pictured, is basically a way of sending text messages but with videos.

I know, it sounds pretty lame. That is why I was hesitant to get and use the app. Well eventually he talked me into it and I got the app. Like most apps, this app wanted me to send invitations to my friends, contacts, etc.

Well as soon as I got the app, I bypassed the instructions and was expecting to record a video, edit the video, then send to James. And James only.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

So I took a super ridiculous video. I looked terrible, I was not dressed, what I said was dumb, it was basically a tragedy… that I did not mind James seeing.

B/c the first video worked as an invitation, it sent to every contact I had. ): Ps… it was over 150+ people!

So yes, that means almost 200 people, many of them strangers, saw this very embarrassing video.

And to make matters worse, Glide does not allow you to delete videos bc they are posted to individual threads, of whoever received the video.

This meant that I had to hurry and delete the video from every contact, one-by-one.

I almost cried.

While I was able to delete a large majority of the videos, which took 15+ minutes, I did not delete the video from every contacts thread.

So within seconds of sending the video, I had received tons of video replies, from these people. (They were mainly from people I knew and they thought it was funny.) However, this could have been much worse.

So I post this to say everyone should seriously be aware of what you are posting/sending and who you are sending it to. If you have to, double and triple check to make sure what you are sending will not one day come back to haunt you.

Even if it is all in good fun.

And yes, this is something we are always told by older people or more professional people. However, a lot of times, we- as young people, look at it as “oh we are just having fun!”

But take it from someone who has had a bad experience. And while my experience was bad, it could have been a lot worse.

Ps… especially with Snapchat bc snaps can be screen-shotted now.


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