Ballet Made Me Cry.


This title is a little exaggerated.

No, ballet did not make me cry… BUT a ballet related injury almost made me cry.

Right before Spring break, I incurred a seemingly small knee injury. My knee felt a bit tight, and it felt like it needed to pop. (Just as you would pop your knuckles). Unfortunately my regular knee popping did not work, for some reason, it still felt tight. However, I was not too worried b/c break was coming and I would have ballet free week.

Plenty of time for rest, right? Right!

Well over break, it felt a lot better, although it never popped.

So the first Monday back, of course I had ballet. So it was fine, for the most part. I tried taking it a bit easy. Not jumping, no grands, etc. I even iced it a bit.

I just knew it would get better.

But, guess what? You guessed it! It sure didn’t get better. )*:

It actually got worse. A few days later, I went to a wedding, and of course I wore stunning heels. Super tall stunning. Super tall beautiful and sparkling stunning heels.

Probably not a good idea bc the days following the wedding my knee had gotten worse and my ankle began to hurt.

I thought I was fine though, those who know me, know that I have an extremely high pain tolerance. Therefore I never take it easy when I should. I am one of those foolish people who would rather push through pain, and hope things get better, rather than see a doctor for a professional view on things.

Well this past Monday, I felt a lot of pain walking around. However, I was not going to let that keep me from doing ballet. Like seriously, this is my favorite class.

While doing barre, my prof. noticed I was a little off. My balance was shot, my grands were weak, I really looked terrible.

Then, she asked, “Hey, Cherisse, are you alright back there?” I said, “Yes, my knee and ankle are hurting little but I can dance.” Then she asked, “does it hurt to walk?” I replied, “yes.” Ps… that was the wrong answer.

She then told me to take a seat. Apparently, the rules of thumbs are as follows: 1. If it hurts to walk, do not dance. 2. If it lasts more than a week, see a professional.

So yep, I had to change my clothes and take an ‘observation day.’ That means I sat down to watch everyone else dance. Can you imagine the torture?

I literally almost cried bc it was really painful to watch everyone else do what I love the most. (Ps… here is my view. They were beginning to stretch for splits. )

It felt a little better this morning and I was hoping to dance in jazz today. However, my prof. in there also made me sit and ice my limbs today.

Soo… this has been a pretty crappy week, so far.

I just try to keep telling myself, I need to sit out so I do not permanently injure myself and hinder my chances of dancing forever.

Wish me luck.


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