!st Day of Spring, 1st Day Pissed.

!st Day of Spring, 1st Day Pissed.

So today is such a beautiful day, and if you live in Ohio, you have tons of things to be excited about.

Like how we are hopefully going to see more beautiful days and say good bye to this trash weather we have been having.

Like seriously, it snowed and got up to 60 degrees over night. Thanks, OH.

Plus, we only have a few weeks before classes are over and Summer break begins! (:

So why am I pissed?

B/c my crappy a** “Best Friend.” (Quotes are appropriate b/c he is being best friend-ly.).

Here’s why: He said he was going to try and make it down this week to visit. I was pretty excited b/c we have not seen each other in forever. I was also excited b/c I wanted him to meet my new bf.

Well he cannot come, bummer, but I was not extremely upset b/c this has been a busy week.

Any who, I texted him and told him how I wanted him to meet m bf and he basically declined. And now, he is upset apparently. Not upset b/c I have a bf but b/c I (guess) I gave him the wrong impression of what we would be doing if he came to visit.

(For lack of details) He wants to do something that I am not up for, for various reasons. He had expressed this at the time he told me he may come to visit, and I thought I was clear in saying I did not want to participate in this activity. Unfortunately, it was not as clear as I had thought.

So today we were texting about it, and this is when the mis-communication was evident.

So I am just like, “whatever” about this whole thing.

I wish it were an easy decision, but it is not… and no matter what happens, someone will be upset. So Eff it. Eff everyone. Lol.

However, I must add that I do feel just as crappy as James is being to me. And the reason is, b/c James is obviously my BF for specific reasons. (Ex; Definitely one of my most loyal friends, he’s there when I need him most, etc). So there is a part of me that hopes this does not interfere with our BFship, but then the other side of me feels he should be more understanding.

Besides, he should not let something so small come between us. However, if it should, it is probably worth it.

I guess what I really wan to say is, for the first time (basically ever) my BF will have to be on an equal plane as of bf, or my bf will have to come first. Its pretty simple.


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