41 Things.

41 Things.

Heeyyy, I have not posted about my ‘Love Life’ for quite a while, so I will use this time to do so.

As I recently announced, I am currently seeing someone new. And as of today, we have been seeing each other for 41 days.

I really just want to say, it. Is. GREAT! Definitely enjoying everything about him as a person, and ‘us’ collectively.

To celebrate, I will post 41 Things I Love About JAKE. (:

1. Your glasses, as you look attractive and smart.
2. Your unexpected and sexual sense of humor.
3. How helpful and thoughtful you are.
4. The way you sing along to ‘Superman’ by Eminem.
5. The way you ‘appreciate my quirks.’
6. How you embrace this cold weather.
7. How you work really hard.
8. How you can never decide on what to watch or what to eat.
9. How you wait outside of my voice lesson.
10. How you think I’m ‘not fat.’

1. When you do the bed sheet thing.
2. When you say all the words to Family Guy.
3. How you enjoy Pinterest as much as I.
4. How you interact with Michael and PP.
5. When you leave my team to be on my family’s team, #Trader lol.
6. When we walk together, talk together, and swim together. (;
7. How you wash my hair.
8. Allow me to cut your hair.
9. When you take out my trash.
10. When you encourage and support me.

1. When you bring me chocolates.
2. When you call me ‘beautiful.’
3. When you play that cell-phone game when I cook.
4. How you sneak pics of me when I am not watching.
5. How you want to read the journal.
6. How you want what I want, and we have a mutual understanding.
7. How you look super sexy in that blue plaid shirt.
8. When you buy alcohol.
9. When you sneak a ‘Mtn Dew.’
10. When you distract me from Lumosity.

1. How you leave your things in disarray in my room and on my desk.
2. How your desk at your place looks.
3. When you do that sexy eyebrow lift thing.
4. How you are so quick to help out.
5. How you think I am so lucky.
6. Always fall asleep before the movie is over.
7. When you watched those Netflix movies with me, haha.
8. How you mess up my bedsheets.
9. When you throw our kids in the closet.
10. How you cook those delicious cajun BBQ burgers.

1. How you introduced me to baby oil, lol.


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