Go Green.

Whew, it has been a super long time but I PROMISE to get back to posting regularly.

I just hate posting when I have nothing eventful to share.

So here it goes. A few updates.

I have… Been busy with classes. I went back to work. I ditched the iPhone. Picked up an HTC, which I love. Celebrated Valentine’s Day, with my Valentine. Who happens to be my new bf. Lowercase as in boyfriend. Don’t worry, he is sure to get his own personal post very soon.

But yeah, a lot has gone on.

However, this is just a short post about how much fun I had Friday night !

I decided to get Chipotle, go to a tailgate, and a basketball game. . .with my little brother.

It was so much fun bc I never hang out with him alone bc I never feel like we have anything in common. After all, he is only 9. Plus he’s always busy with practice and he can be a brat.

Luckily, I invited him to come over and he had a ball.

So blessed to have spent time with him.

And to add icing to this cake, my bf was off of work, so he was able to come too.


2 thoughts on “Go Green.

  1. I know what you mean, when there’s a big age gap sometimes it’s hard to forge a relationship. Having your BF there probably helped ease awkwardness. I have a brother who is 8 years younger than me so he’s 19 now. Sometimes, we just have to remember that we were that age once too.

    1. Haha, it wasn’t really ‘awkward’ but yes, having them helped b/c it allowed the entire experience to be fun for him. Plus, my brother is the only boy in the house (minus my 1year old nephew), so he doesn’t get a lot of male interaction/bonding.

      However, we do have an older brother, 24, who he goes to his house a lot. Which is fine, but I would like to have my own relationship with him as well. Especially since I he is my only little brother and I have a relationship with all my other siblings.

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