Love Advice for Young Ladies.



Background: Once when I was a child, I went to a church sleepover. It was so much fun. We did all your normal sleepover activities. However, I vaguely remember the woman leading the sleepover giving us some very “useless” advice.

She told us, a group full of young ladies, how one day we’d meet “the perfect man” and he’d be all that we ever wanted. But, she also told us to write a list. Write a list of every quality we wanted our future man to possess. She told us to keep the lists, so we could look back and see if our men fit the man described.

I always thought that was a stupid idea to tell a young girl, as I remember just being really young. But… now, I have had a total change of heart! I seriously wish I would have done this, and updated the list as I grew. ):

Mainly b/c I feel like how would you even know the “perfect man” if you don’t have something to compare him to? A lot of ladies would probably pick the patriarch of their family, which is totally appropriate. However, my dad died when I was seven soo… you can see how that doesn’t help me a whole lot. And yes, I completely and totally admire my grandpa, a he is the BEST father and grandfather. Ever. Like ever, ever. But he obviously has flaws, like everyone, as I still feel that it wouldn’t be a good “comparison.”

So although I am pretty late, I am going to try and compose a list of what it is I want and admire. As I have obviously an idea of what I’d want. But, I must admit, the list will be biased.

Which brings me to the pic.

This was drawn by my friend, he was previously discussed in the last post,about the “love life.” He does not yet have a nickname to be used on the blog.

I believe it is written in “Kana Japanese” (yeah, If I’m wrong, don’t correct it, thanks.). I am so super duper excited that he wrote this for me, but I’m bummed out he doesn’t want me to know what it means. Yet. I’m assuming its a surprise, lol. So yeah. Whatever.

I will do a follow up, once he tells me what it is.

But back to this guy, he’s perfect… (:

Ps… I know it was an abrupt ending, but I definitely see him in the future of the blog. So trust me, you’ll hear more about him. Probably very soon.




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