What Love Life?

What Love Life?

So I know it has been a long while since I have blogged about a guy or even blogged about James, my Best Friend.

I will start with James.

So yes, we are still best friends but no, I have not actually talked to him in like three years! I do not know what he has been up to, or what he has been doing, etc. I guess he is too busy with his gf.


Anyways, I can say that I was pissed at him not too long ago. Long story short, I asked his advice on something pretty important to met at the time and he was less than helpful. His ‘advice’ was not only dumb AF (as f*ck!!) but it was irrelevant and did not offer a solution in any way.

Then to make things worse, I was telling him about how I ‘met a new guy’ (I do not remember who the guy was, b/c I always meet new guys) and he just did not at all seem interested.

So… f*ck James. (:

Anyways, I have had a really nice year so far. I have been on a few successful dates, met some cool guys, and had some fun times.

…haven’t had sex though. Yeah, that is random. But it is also true, I just haven’t had sex in a while. Go figure. And I am proud to say I have not fallen ‘in like’ in awhile either!

Hashtag , #GoMe !

So back to the cool guys.

So I met this one guy, not going to give a name, and he was super cool. We hung out and had so much fun together. We hung out a few more times and I was thinking we had soo much potential. But maybe we don’t. Unfortunately, we realized that we were into different things. Whomp.

He is still super cool though and we talk like every single day. I am not saying whether or not I like him. As that is a matter of another day, on another post. Lol.

Next, I met this other guy. Super amazing. And I am convinced he is the sweestest guy alive. I hang out with him a lot b/c he lives pretty close. He cooked for me and I thought that was really nice. Then, he brought me my favorite cheese and I was impressed. Then… he brought me trail mix, and I think I fell in love. ❤

Haha. No seriously, trail mix is the way to my heart!

And earlier today I talked to my ex. That was cool… the conversation was short.

Anyways. To conclude, no, I do not have a boyfriend right now. And I BARELY have a best friend. However, I am sensing some things could change. (But that may just be b/c Valentines' Day is close). We shall see.

And in case that was/is unclear, no I technically am not 'talking' to anyone as that has yet to be verbally established from anyone discussed above.

Ps… I had to state that b/c sometimes after I post these blogs, people assume I am talking to someone.


2 thoughts on “What Love Life?

  1. I love this post!
    I totally know what you mean about the James thing. Sometimes, I am the James you mentioned above to some of my friends. I’m a really nice person, but sometimes I am a pure a-hole. I tell people and they don’t believe me. I hermit myself from the rest of the world sometimes, in which in severe cases of hermitting I don’t even pick up my phone all day. I don’t quite understand why I do it. I just do.
    Well, I tend to give good advice and suggestions though. And even when I’m not in the mood or somethings bothering me, I can at least ask questions or make statements that would get the other person verbally thinking through their situation. And vice versa. It is a bummer when you feel like your best friend isn’t paying you much mind when you’re dealing with something important. And that the person who is supposed to understand you so well, even when you are silent, can’t say anything to help really sucks and can be irritating.
    I’m glad that you have a great guy to hang out with even if it doesn’t amount to anything romantic. Having guy friends is very important, I think. It’s easier, for one. But all girls need girl friends too for the things guys couldn’t possibly begin to understand.
    What are you thinking of doing for Valentine’s Day? Like if you don’t have a date or something. I’m single and I will be single til then, so I’m throwing a little party of my closest girl friends. Those that are also single, or have plans that fell through with their boyfriends. I think it will be fun. It’s a great chance for me to introduce them to…themselves. lol. You understand.
    How is your relationship with your ex? I hope you don’t mind me asking. There are just so many girls who have odd relationships, to say the least, with their exes and I just don’t understand.
    I totally feel like I’m blogging on your blog in disguise as a comment lol. Anyway, my last point/comment is on the whole “talking to” thing. People are always going to assume that. It’s amusing, but annoying to me. Sometimes I just don’t understand why people just cone to assume those things. But hey, we are humans living in the 21st century after all lol.
    Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful week!

    1. Our relationship isn’t a relationship, just a friendship now. Lol. We’ve hung out since we’ve been broken up, he just came to stay the night… we didn’t have sex or anything. But he mentioned recently he was interested in getting back together, although I really don’t think he is. I wouldn’t say our relationship is odd or anything.

      And I don’t mind at all, I love reading your comments. Plus they’re always relevant.

      And yes, I agree, people always assume things. Which bothers me, naturally. But it bothers me even more when they read my posts and assume things. I always get tons of questions from friends/family/etc once these have been posted.
      And for Valentines’ Day… hmm, I don’t know. I am very single now and could very well be single then. However, even if I’m not in a relationship, I’m gong to buy my friend (mentioned in the post) a cupcake from Gigi’s! Do you guys have that? And your plans sound like a lot of fun. I wanted to do a similar party a while back, but maybe doing it for VD would be fun.

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