Did I Ever Mention My Life Fell Apart?

Did I Ever Mention My Life Fell Apart?

Quick photo check; I pulled this from my board on Pinterest. Its by far one of my favorite pics. Ever. But I posted it here b/c it just feels… right.

So back to this title.

Yep, my whole entire life was crumbling right before my eyes! I could not sleep, I could not eat, I was pretty stressed, I could not relax, I did not feel I had anyone to lean on…b/c all of my friends and family seem to be going through rough times too.

…I had completely given up. Basically lost hope. It was really bad.

And want to know what started this all?

…me too! B/c I sure do not remember! That is right. A few months ago everything in my life seemed to be going wrong and I just could not foresee better things to come. I really did not expect things to get better.

And now, here we are just a few months forward and everything seems to have worked itself out.

Now, I do not write that to gloat about how ‘perfect’ my life is or how have everything all figured out, etc, etc… but instead I write that to give hope.

During the hard times in our lives, we are so caught up in what is wrong and what we can not control, instead we should always focus on the positive. This is true b/c take me for example, I literally felt like I was on the verge of being depressed a few months ago, and now, I cannot even recall what issues and/or events caused me to feel that way.

It is like yes, we all have bad times and feel like we cannot move on. However, before you know it, things will be back to normal, and you may not even care about what the problems are/were.

And if you are experiencing a time like that now, I say, “give up!” That’s right! Just give up. Accept things for what they are. And accept that it can always get worse. And once you do that, you will in a sense have ‘hit rock bottom’ which is good b/c now there is no way to go, but up.

Smile. (:


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