Me Llamo Es…

Me Llamo Es...

So classes are back in session, unfortunately my brain isn’t. ):

Yesterday was my first day back from break and I had so much to look forward to. Ballet! Some philosophy class about physical science (as boring as tat sounds, I’m actually thinking it will be quite interesting), a vocal lesson (thank GOD!), and of course, Spanish.

Initially I was super excited, although a little frightened b/c I’ve been out of Spanish for almost 12 months and this was my first minor class. Plus the entire class is taught in Spanish, b/c, well… its Spanish conversation.

Soo I’m in class, dealing with the shock of catching only every other phrase the prof is throwing out just to be randomly selected to give en into about myself… in Spanish, obviously.

Well I was so confused about what was even going on, so to get selected was a nightmare. Not to mention I was totally in the middle of writing what I was going to say about myself.

I was so caught off guard, if you will, that I made the dumbest mistake ever! No, like seriously.

I was so focused on getting the big stuff under control, I neglected to check over the small things.

I stood up, and proudly said, “Me llamo es…” before I could even give a name the prof cut me off and said, “uh-uh-uh no ‘es’.”

I was beyond embarrassed.

Not embarrassed she corrected me, as everyone makes mistakes, but b/c I knew better. That is literally the first thing you’re taught in Spanish!

[**In case you missed the issue: It is acceptable to say, “Mi nombre es -my name is-” or “Me llamo -I am called-.” But it is NEVER acceptable to say “Me llamo es -I am called is.”]

So basically I sounded like an idiot. I guess no matter how focused we are on the large things, we should never skip over the small ones.


7 thoughts on “Me Llamo Es…

  1. Oh my gosh, don’t you flipping HATE that? Last Semester I made some really stupid mistakes in my Spanish class. It sucked especially because, I did know better, and I actually emailed my teacher in Spanish telling him that I was looking forward to this class. Furthermore, a few weeks into the semester, I switched to a higher level Spanish class. So, it was especially embarrassing to make stupid mistakes lol. I freaking love Spanish so you can hit me up on Skype or something if you ever want to practice.

    1. Gaahhh you’re too generous! We definitely should but we’d have to use ‘Google Hangout’ b/c my chromebook doesn’t support Skype.

      Haha yes, its a true struggle. But I always make mistakes right when I think I’ve mastered it all. I think its God’s way of telling me I could always learn more.

      I’ll be more careful this semester and just stay focused. Its worked all this time.

      1. Pfft, generous? I’m just planning on using you to do something I love. Jk :p
        Haha, I think so! He always knows what’s best for us and how to get us onto the path we should be on. I definitely need to focus up this semester. I need to become a straight A student. I haven’t had any super challenging classes so far so I can’t let myself have these bad habits that carry on to when I have serious classes. Focusing and praying. Those are the two things I really need to work on this year. Okay, google hangouts are fine with me. I have a bunch of native Spanish speakers that can help out too, if you’re ever interested in that also.

      2. Yay, thats perfect. Im totally interested. My Google+ is ‘Cherisse La’Shea,’ Whats yours, Im going to go befriend you! (:
        And you’re right, he does. But you could always make that your resolution and set practial goals. (Ex; study everyday before midnight, or pray twice a day, etc).
        Im usually reallyed focused, but last semester didn’t go too well. I got a B and a C. My GPA dropped to a 3.4, so I’ll spend this semester getting it back up. Whats your major? What do you want to do? What school are you at?

  2. Me llamo Kwanisa Mahon. Mucho gusto! Lmao.
    Yes, I am going to study extra hard this semester and be in it to win those A’s. I haven’t decided between Nursing or teaching yet :/ Or going back to the Caribbean and/or running off to some Spanish country 😀 Haha.
    I’m declared as a Nursing major right now though. This is only my third semester because I’m a loser that wastes time and money ( -_-) and I’m at Harford Community College right now. When I finish up here I’ll probably go to Towson, College Park, or HOPEFULLY PSU. Unless I find a place that calls out to me. We’ll see!
    Sorry for the, again, super late reply.

    1. Haha , no worries. I totally understand.

      And I hate being caught between two things, lucky for you, you could do either and still change the world. I’ll root for you all semester!

      Btw, check out fastweb(dot)com, its a scholarship site that suggests only things you’re eligible for.

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