The Almost Completely Insane Thought I Thought.

The Almost Completely Insane Thought I Thought.

In case you live under a rock and don’t know this man, this is H. Heffner!*

He’s like the CEO of the entire Playboy Empire. He’s also known for being an older man, with stunning young women on his arms.

What’s he got to do with me?

…so last night I went out with a friend. Had the most amazing time ever. (Haha, no, I haven’t fell in like with him. But I really did have a great time. And we actually decided to hang out again).

So I’ve always been into older guys, like even back in high school I was attracted to older men. However, I was not able to act on that until recently (…ya know? With the law and statutory rape and stuff.). The first time I went on a date with an older man, was back during my freshman year of college. It was fun but nothing stemmed from it. So recently I have tried to get back into that older pool of gentlemen.

(Haha… funny story, I literally joined OurTime, the dating site for singles 50+ years old. That never went anywhere either… turns out its free o join, but it costs to send/receive messages. Lol, whomp.)

However, I was fortunate across to come across this guy. While I’m not going to say his age, I will say he is over 10 years older than I am. He’s bald too! (How freaking hoottt??? Yep, I love bald guys too).

And b/c we decided to meet again, it was basically confirmation that something more could stem from this. Then… it got me thinking.

As much as I love older guys, should I stay away from that? B/c while maturity wouldn’t be an issue but the obvious fact remains that we’re in different places of our lives. And it’ll always be that way, if I date older guys. And it almost made me feel like I could miss out on certain things in life, b/c of the guys I like to date. While I don’t have any examples, I’m sure that is something to consider when deciding to date that way.

Now, don’t answer that… it was just something that came across my mind.

Along with the thought of how annoying it is when people automatically assume I want an older man for his money, or that I want to be a sugar baby. I literally deal with that now. When friends (and even family) realize I like older men, that’s the first thing they say. It’s almost disrespectful.

My temporary decision is that I’m not going to completely shy away from older guys though. I came to this conclusion b/c I like guys who closer to my age too. Therefore, there’s no telling what age guy I could end up with. The issue would come when I decided to solely date one ‘type’ of guy.

Additionally, if I thought hard enough, I could probably convince myself that dating outside my race would cause me to miss out on things. Which I definitely don’t believe.

So long story short, I think it was just a random thought inspired by the fear of trying something new. That happens ya know?

*Just kidding about living under a rock, I only know him b/c I have always found him extremely attractive lol.


3 thoughts on “The Almost Completely Insane Thought I Thought.

  1. Hiiii 🙂
    It’s been a very long time since I commented, but I still follow your blogs via e-mail updates. Anyway….
    I love this subject: older men. I’m also interested in older guys, but I’m not at a point in my life where I am prepared for a mature relationship. I don’t even WANT a relationship right now, despite the lonely days and nights. I think older men are a turn on because they ARE mature; They’re at a point in their lives that they have a good job, and in a single career, a mind, and plan, to know how to manage what needs to be done, they’ve done at least 2/3 of the wild, crazy shit we do in our entire lives, they know what type of woman they are attracted to and why, and they are ready to settle down with that woman and, maybe have kids. Yes, besides the maturity that comes with age, they are just good looking. But that does have to do with their age and experience in ‘the real [adult] world. They carry themselves well.
    Guys our age are great too because they are generally going through the same things that we are. The same stages: First jobs that wear us down physically and mentally, the road to getting on the road, legally, college and the struggle to remember that we must endure it if we want a future, clubs and activities, and relationships. I tend to like guys that are in their early twenties, their late twenties, and their early fourties. Those numbers just…fall well with me. I’ve met guys online that are older, not by seeking them ought, that I’ve had really good life conversations with. They were very interesting, and never made me feel like some little kid, even though I still am. Guys my age (up until 25) are still super immature to a level that I am generally turned off by men (well, I don’t think they qualified to be called men). I think that I’m also desensitized to these ‘men’ thanks to what I see in my friends’ statuses on Facebook. Anyway…
    Today I had a thought that I’d probably be with guys younger than me who can physically treat me as if they’re James Deen, but mentally nourish and care for me as if they are, well, my father. I don’t have a father complex or anything, nor have I had an absence of my dad in my life. This is the case for many women that chase after older guys, but not for me. My father is just a great man and I know it. Everyone who has met him thinks it, and those who know him know it. He’s equally a fantastic husband and father. And I want my man to at least be half the man, husband, and father that my father is. I wish you met my father…but then you’d probably like him! Just kidding :p Well… haha xD
    So back to the subject, men are just great. Older, younger, the same age. We should give them all a chance, but after we sit down and weigh the ___(insert word here)_____. Love is blind, but we can’t go into it blindly.

    1. Everything in your comment was very relevant and helpful! Thank you so much for offering another perspective and also some insight.

      However, my favorite part was the last sentence!

      This is so true and it offers so much reassurance, it was a very nice reminder that its nothing to worry about, nor is it a reason to stress. We love who we love and like who we like, love has no limitations.

      Btw, your father sounds like a great man. Too bad he’s married, lol, kidding. (:

      1. You are very welcome!
        No ma’am, we should not stress about these things. Like and love will happen when they are ready to happen. Until then, let’s enjoy building up to that.
        Haha, a shame! He would like you too lmao.

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