…And It’s Over.

...And It's Over.

Soo remember the guy in my last post?

The one I met and he was so perfect?

Yeah, that one. So I never officially ‘fell in like’ with him, but I’m out of it. However, I realized he wasn’t perfect and I was no longer interested. Lol.

Fast, right? I know, I know… that’s why an additional resolution is to not fall in like so fast. (Ps…luckily I met him in 2013, so he wouldn’t have counted anyway.)

But that came just in time, how perfect am I?

Yeah, you were probably expecting more but nope. That’s it.

I could do an update on my ‘Love Life’ but that would be pointless. There isn’t anything to really say.

In other news, I’m happy that my insurance is now covering my preferred method of birth control so I’ll be able to get back on that. Plus I took the pregnancy test (required before getting prescription for BC) and it was the first time I did not spill urine all over the place (I’ve taken three, one test per prescription… yep, its a hassle).

I would love to do an entire post about that, and I may consider it. But like, who wants to see my urine in a cup?


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