Oops, I Did It. Again.

Oops, I Did It. Again.

Whelp, I fell in like with a new guy.

Long story short, we met online*.
(*no, we did not actually meet online, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m leaving it at that.)

B/c he lives fairly close and we both had a little free-time, we decided to meet.

He obviously sent me a pic, and I thought, ‘sheesh he’s a cutie.’ But then, when I saw him in person, I thought, ‘my goossshhhh is this man gorgeous.’

We sat at my placed and talked for a little while. You know? Just getting to know some basic things about one another.

Then we decided to talk a little walk, along a trail on campus. This was soo much fun (as taking walks is definitely one of my favorite things to do). He asked me a lot of funny questions; from ‘whats the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?’ to ‘what do you like on your pizza?’

(OMG he literally JUST texted me ‘Good morning!’) Back to the post.

Our walk was very interesting. We then came back to my place for pizza. And guess what? He loves onions like I love onions. #Winning. We watched a little FoodNetwork and talked about foods that we like.

He’s like seriously the sweetest person ever. He talked about how cute I am (basically all day) and invited me to his friends going away party.

In the meanwhile, we watched tv at his place. I met his dog, his cousins, and some of his friends. It was all great. Very great. And we held hands. (I totally hate holding hands, but I sure did not mind holding his hand). ❤

So at the end of the night, he asked what my intentions were with him. I told him how I am a 'whatever happens, happens' type of person. And I assumed that was a satisfying answer, he did mention he wanted to see me again. (As we actually just made plans to hang tomorrow, whoot whoot!). However, I thought that was a great question b/c he seems to be really interested (b/c when we initially started talking, before meeting, it seemed like meeting would be a one-time thing, but b/c he wanted to hang again, it means we hit it off.)

I'll let you guys know more, as that develops.

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