My Heart is Breaking.

Here is a pic of the best soap ever created. It’s a coconut scrub bar, by Soft Soap.

This soap exfoliates, cleans, and moisturizes your body all at once.

Now, Dove is known for being a great moisturizer however this is better bc it does the same job (if not better), but only costs .60 per bar!

Everyone knows cheaper is better.

Well unfortunately the makers decided to turn this bar into a shower gel, which I don’t want.

I was heart broken. Literally. This soap does everything I want and need, plus more… So why would you switch it up? Smh.

Luckily, I was blessed after finding one store in my area who still sells the bar. (Seriously, only one store. I’ve looked everywhere. Small stores, big chain stores, dollar stores and not-so-dollar stores. Everyone had switched to the shower gel version.

Well today, I found out that they would not be carrying this soap in bar form anymore either. Once their last stock is gone, they will only sell the gel form.

I almost cried.

I bought five bars (only paid $2.90, whoot!) and decided that I would be back to buy the rest really soon.

I definitely intend to buy up all the bars, before being forced to buy this product online.

Don’t wish me luck, just pray for me. Thanks.



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