We’re Not Makin’ Love No More.

We're Not Makin' Love No More.

“…we’re not even trying to change…we don’t even talk no more, we ran out of words to say.”
-Dru Hill.

That song actually has nothing to do with this post. That song is basically about a break up and how things go so wrong, it makes you wonder why nothing lasts forever. And does anything ever stay the same.

However, this post is just an update on everything going on since its the end of the semester, and I have time to write a full length blog, rather than the minis I have been writing lately.

I’ll start with an update and then talk about the pic.

Update: Everything is great. I have been extremely busy, just waiting for break. The semester could have gone better, as I had a few disappointments.

Of the four auditions, none of them were “successful,” although I am super confident about all of m performances. Fortunately, I have three auditions in January. An acting audition, that will make or break my whole entire future. (Okay, a little dramatic… but you get the idea). And I have two dancing auditions, which are equally important. Just send me good vibes and prayers.

As far as classes go, I am only worried about one class. So yep, pray about that too. Thanks. All and all, I am not too excited about the majority of my Spring 2014 classes. So, send good vibes for that too.

My family is great, we have about a month and a half left until I welcome my new nephew. And my other nephew, PeePie (PP), just turned one. (Don’t worry, his solo post is definitely coming). My favorite sister is learning math and learning how to read, I am beyond proud of her. And the others are great too. I will do a more in depth post about them during the holidays.

Also, I have big news! I am teaching myself to cook. I can make over five dishes! Whoot-whoot. Yep, I am definitely going to post about all the things I can make, full of pics and directions to accompany it.

Recently I realized just how selfish I can be, therefore that is a new goal of mine. This brings up my pic.

The Pic:
This a pic of me in my dance attire, about 10 minutes ago.

I posted this as my “Day 1.”

I am going to undergo a makeover! …no, not a makeover like beautify myself with tons of makeup and weave. But rather work on improving myself inside and out. Everything from my character flaws and my muscle tone. Ha.

So I never did an update, but I have drastically cut back on my cursing. Whoot! (Did you notice how I have not been cursing in the posts either?) But now I want to work on being less selfish. Also I would like to expand my vocabulary. And investing more into my career. I will post on the specifics soon enough.

As far as my body, in the pic, I want to work on strengthening my body for ballet. A lot of people do not realize that when you have flexibility, you lack strength, and vice versa. Therefore, b/c I am extremely flexible, my body is extremely weak. Whomp!

So by the time ballet starts, after break, I have an entire list of things I want to accomplish.

I will get into details later.

Whelp, that is it… for now.


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