I Could Be Doing Plie’s.

I Could Be Doing Plie's.

Soo… ballet was cancelled.

Yes, my favorite class was cancelled b/c my university is on a 10AM delay. Meaning only classes starting after 10AM are in session. Ballet starts at 8:30AM.

Apparently the dangerous conditions of ice on the road, due to the weather are to blame.

I looked outside and you can hardly tell it snowed. Like seriously. This pic does a great job showing the “dangerous conditions” outside my apartment.

I am not only pissed that my favorite class is cancelled, but I am even more pissed that my other classes are in session! Do I look like I’m in the mood to do some effing makeup? (I know you cannot see but, but trust me, no, I do not look like I am in the mood). Do I even look like I am in the mood to listen and/or participate in a poetry reading? (Again, just say no).

So I cannot do plies but I can go to those stupid classes? Miss me with that ish.

My day is ruined and now I am all out of truffles*.

*Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles; my new favorite thing. I am definitely accepting donations as they are on sale for the holidays. Please and thank you.


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