Touched By An Angel.


No, really… This is the hand of an angle.

Remember the new guy I’ve been talking about? (The super sexy one, who doesn’t have a nickname yet? We met at a party? …he’s like super sexy? Yeah, that’s him.)

Well… This is his hand. So that makes him an angel.

He literally gave me the best massage. Ever. Like ever in life. Seriously.

It was full body. He touched all the right places, with the appropriate amounts of pressure. Plus this was on a Friday night, after a super long dance week, so you know I needed it. But it was so long bc he took his time. (Whew, every lady loves a man who takes his time.)

Now… The best part is that it wasn’t at all sexual.

Every lady has gotten a massage from a male friend, who tried to use that opportunity as the moment to feel her up.

Right? No? Oh, okay.

Well… I actually hate that. But he didn’t do that. Like he was touching me solely to satisfy my delicate ballerina body.

Then… Just when I was thinking it couldn’t get any better.

…he licked me. (I’m thinking, “Yeesss Lawd!).

I was really in Heaven right then.

He went on to give me some awesome… Mouth love. (;

Some of the best in my life. It was fantastical. Fantastical!

I know I said I loved how he wasn’t sexual, which is true. But when he jumped into that it was like juxtaposition in a poem.


So anyways, he’s the “New Guy.” I think I may like him… Hmm… Like him. But, well see.


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