A DIY Tragedy.


Here is a pic of my lips today.

Thank God.

Last night my lips and I had an accident.

As many people know, I’m taking a makeup class. Well the makeup is totally breaking my entire face out. It is also breaking my lips out.

And with the weather change, it’s just time for a lip scrub to exfoliate the lips. Right?


Well I didn’t have Vaseline so I figured I look up a DIY lip scrub on Pinterest, which I found. It only required putting toothpaste on your lips an removing when it started to tingle.

Me, being the genius I am, decided I’d leave it on longer bc it meant I’d get smoother lips. Logical, right?

Whelp, that is NOT what happened. I literally burned the skin off of my lips.

They were burning like fire. Red. And busted. I could’ve cried. Smh.

I totally learned my lesson.

I tried to recover by adding generous amounts of Carmex bc it would sit as a protective layer during this healing process and it has totally worked.

This morning my lips are back to their original color and only burn when I eat.

So, that is my DIY tragedy.


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