Nov. 2013!


Whew, it’s been ever so long! I obviously apologize.

Me, being the great fantastic wonderful daughter that I am, let my mom borrow my laptop. Therefore, I have been without a CPU since my last post, hence… The reason I haven’t been posting.

But oh I how I missed it.

I finally caved in and decided I would post from my iPhone.

So this is a mini update on everything that’s happened since the last post.


I’ve been extremely busy. Like literally. I had five auditions this month!

I auditioned for Magic Fire, fortunately, I didn’t get a callback. I wasn’t too interested in that show and I prefer my debut show on campus be something I’m actually interested in. I auditioned for a hip hop crew, didn’t get that. Obviously. But it was super fun bc I still feel my audition went really well. Lol. And I auditioned (against dance majors) for Spring concert. I definitely wanted this, more than anything in the world. But I don’t think I got that either. This was the most fun and I can’t wait to audition again next year.

Auditions have basically taken up my entire month, so I can’t think of any other big things to include in this post.

Ps… Check my next post, it’ll be about fun events from this month.


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