Fun ISH from Nov.


These sexy azz (yep, still working to stop cursing! #Winning) boots started it all.

I bought these at Charlotte Russe once upon a time, while shopping with Jordan. (S/O to him for always helping me shop!).

I bought another pair but later returned them. Ps… He’s upset about that. I returned them bc I couldn’t find anything to match them. They were badd-azz though.

So these boots went with me to audition for Magic Fire, which I didn’t get. An that was fine bc I looked great. And tall.

Then, they went to my friends bday party too.

Man oh man was that a great night!

I met soo many guys. Got soo many dances. And soo many numbers.

Those boots and I were in FIRE. #Hot.

The party was literally great and even more fun since I hadn’t partied in so long.

I went with two girls from HS. And “pre-gamed” at my place. It was me, this guy Chris, Roddy, Roddys friend Devin, Shay, and Shyra.

…whoops, did I say Roddy? Yep. So side note: I guess you could say we made up from the last falling out that was posted. However, following the party, he was upset. Again. (That’s definitely the short version. However, don’t look for the long version, as I am not posting a full story. Unless I do an update on my “love life.”)

So back to the party.

It was too many hot guys there.

But this one guy, he doesn’t have an official nickname yet (So I’ll just call him ‘The New Guy.’) , caught my eye. Or my ear shall I say.

I was walking in, and he called me “Young Stallion.” It was obviously really funny, I don’t know why but it was.

That was it. I walked passed him. But then, it seemed like we kept getting closer and closer, or I kept seeing him or something. Eventually, we had a mini conversation. He explained where “Young Stallion” came from and how that was a compliment. Blah blah, yadda yadda. Lol.

And a little later we danced. That was fun. (Haha yeah). We also exchanged numbers which was cool.

Then we planned to get back together next time he came down (bc he’s from Columbus. Told ya, I love guys from Columbus. Smh.)

He invited me to a game, but I couldn’t go since I had gingerbread plans with Dejuane. But we went to dinner and had great conversation. That was fun. And we debated going to a party and to hookah but settled on staying at my place, where we talked some more.

It was great… Maybe I like him. Wink, wink. Well see. I may post about the rest of the night so stay tuned. Because it may get hot and sexy.


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