The Future of TheCLBray!

The Future of TheCLBray!

Whew… can you believe its been about a year? Maybe even longer.

I definitely can’t.

I’m at the cpu, attempting to write a post and I am burdened with “writers’ block.” Fortunately, I decided to do a few updates.

If you look around, you’ll see I’ve made minor changes to my pages. (FAQs, Bio, Etc.) I’m reading those and I’m really surprised at all that has changed since me starting this blog.

A few of those changes; my age, my class standing, my family (new nephew Jan. 2014!), new pets, new goals, my priorities, and tons of other things. Luckily, I have decided I will do a “2013 Re-Cap Photo Gallery.”

Any who this post is just telling a little about some thing you can expect to read in the future.

So, lets get started.

1. I’m considering doing a “Confessions of a Twenty Something” segment. Cosmo has been posting articles about that a lot lately, so it served as inspiration. However, all my posts will still pertain to my life and personal experiences.

2. I will really try to post a pic with every article (in need of a pic). Additionally, I’d like to apologize for not adding the pics to previous posts, as I once promised. Also, a *disclaimer, not all the pics I post belong to me… I find them on Google. Lol.

2.1 Fortunately, I’ve also decided to post only pics taken by me, as they are better b/c the pics will directly relate to the posts.

3. Clarify; if I stated that I’d post a pic “soon” but that post never got a pic, odds are, I’ve given up on that. ):

3.1 This also means if I stated that I’d do a “part two” to a post, but it hasn’t been completed, that probably wont happen either. (Very unfortunate, as I had every intention of completing those. And honestly, I don’t know, I may still get the chance to do so.).

Yep, I think that’s it. So hope people are still following this ride. as it is not close to being over.


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