Happy Black Girl Sunday!

Happy Black Girl Sunday!

To all my “white guys,” who dig “black women.”

So every Sunday is BGS and its celebrated by the constituency above.

But… I figured I’d take this time to blog about little about my love life. Or lack there of. Hehe.

Yes, I’m single.We all know that. And I definitely support interracial dating, which we all know.

But this is a recent epiphany.

I think every Sunday and Wednesday (as it is White Boy Wednesday, yeesss!!!) I am more and more attracted to white guys, and interracial dating as a whole.

Now, for the record, I haven’t completely ditched dating inside my race. As I have liked *Roddy for a long while.

(*Who I think i still upset with me. This is not blowing over as soon as I expected, so… this may actually be “it.” Although, I could say, as of right now, I still like him. But, we’ll see where this goes and what happens… I’ll obviously post as this story develops.)

But… yeah. Thats it.

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