It’s Over. Again.

It's Over. Again.

I was initially going to blog about my wonderful weekend, with my Fav.

Unfortunately, he got mad at me before I could blog about that.

To recap the weekend, we had a ton of fun. We watched my favorite movie, Avatar. Listened to music. He rolled up a little. Etc. Etc. But it sure was fun.

Well yesterday, he read my blog and got mad. Again. Now, I’ve stated before how indirect he is, so I can only assume why he’s mad. Therefore, I’m going to assume he is upset because I hung out with my ex boyfriend.

My ex came over a couples of weeks ago, to stay the night. We didn’t do anything fun, just hung out at my place. However, Roddy seemed to have a problem with that.

I’m not going to go into the specifics of what was said, however, he stated that I should do my own thing, and that he would do his.

Soo… I guess we’re “done.” Again.

Now, I obviously don’t believe this is the end of our friendship, as he’s done this before. But he’ll probably be upset for a few days or so.

And I don’t mean that our friendship will never end, because I’m sure it will end. Eventually. However, I recently realized him, along with our friendship, is very similar to the friendship I had with my “Husband.”

(I blogged about him before, but it was a while ago. We had been really good friends for a few years and at the beginning this year is when we ended our friendship.)

So, in short, I’m 95% sure the friendship I have w/ Roddy will end that way. Just not yet.


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