Libel and Slander.

Tell Me Why:

I’m scrolling through my timeline on twitter (follow me @ThePreferredOne),

and I sense some sub-tweeting* about me.

And you’d expect them to be saying something positive, right?

…whelp, no!

*Sub-tweet: to indirectly tweet/post about someone. Instead of mentioning them within your post. 

The Background: 

Was my last post. (Its About that Time.)

Long-story-short, he got upset and stormed out, last time we hung out. 

We haven’t spoken since then. 

The Present:

Then today is when I saw his tweet, that was (more than likely) about me. 

The Tweet:

“I haven’t talked to #OOMF in a week and a half. And I don’t even care. They the one that f*cked up. I’ll be waiting.”

My Issue:

Besides the obvious fact that I disagree with the tweet, 

I feel it is way out of line. 

He’s so quick to bring up someone’s age, and talk about maturity. 

Yet, how grown are you, while you’re trying to sub-tweet people on Twitter. 

Like, this can’t even be real life. 

And for the record, this is NOT the first time he has tweeted about me. 

He always felt the need tweet negative things about our relationship,

when we had a disagreement. 

Don’t Get Me Wrong:

He has the right to tweet/post about whatever he wants, as it is HIS twitter. 

However, I find that really hypocritical. 

And VERY (VERY) immature. 


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