Its About that Time.

Its About that Time.

For me to blog on my relationship.

As you probably assumed, I’m single.

Ive been single since a little time before this school year started.

What went wrong you ask? Whelp, he was entirely too busy for a relationship. I didn’t feel we were growing as a couple, not to mention we never hung out and/or spent time together. Plus, I felt I wasn’t a priority in his life.


Let me clarify, b/c I feel this could be hard to understand- even for him. I was aware of him working third-shift before we got together, this is true. Therefore, I was not upset about him working long hours. I was upset that he wouldn’t use his off days to make-up for all the times we couldn’t talk/text while he was working. (Not to compare people, but over the summer, Roddy would always ask to hang out with me on his off days. We wanted to be with me; to talk, to hang out, and to do stuff together.) And that’s how it should be if you truly like or want to be with someone.


Additionally, I didn’t feel he tried hard at our relationship. Everyone knows relationships requires effort and he didn’t seem to get that. He never engaged in the few little conversations we had. He never took an interest in the things I did. He never tried to call/FaceTime me during his free time. Etc. However, I recently realized thats just his personality, he doesn’t seem to try hard at anything. And I don’t have time for someone to wait and get it, or time to change someone. I’m simply not doing it.


Furthermore, I was starting to like Roddy and decided it would be better if I broke up with him before I cheated on him, or something.

Well, I am a strong believer that you can maintain a friendship with an ex. As I have done with all my exes. So recently he had been planning to come visit, but of course, something came up each time he planned.

Well this Friday, he was actually able to come. (Honestly, I only feel he came b/c I said James was going to come. So here’s what happened. He wanted to come and so did James. B/c they’re both coming from Columbus, they were both planning to stay the night. I told my ex he could stay as long as James didn’t, and so he realized that he could come, but if James arrived after, he would have to go. So long story short, I feel he was coming to prove a point. Good thing it turned out, James couldn’t come Friday.)

So he gets here Friday, and we’re just hanging around. Not doing much but watching a little tv. I planned for us to go to Homecoming, b/c we never did anything fun. But guess what? …you probably guessed it, he didn’t want to go. “He didn’t have anything to wear” (those were his words.) But I didn’t see what the big deal was b/c I was wearing a simple dress with gorgeous heels (sorry both those are my favorite heels, lol).

I even mentioned that we weren’t gong to the dance, only going to the game night. And he still refused. Unfortunately, I had to cancel b/c he was my guest. Then, I had to call and tell all my friends that we weren’t going. I wasn’t mad, just annoyed b/c that is something fun to do. He could have just agreed to go, It was only gong to be an hour.

So our whole Friday night was relatively dry. Didn’t do anything fun or interesting.

So Saturday came, and we were just hanging out some more.

I asked for a massage, he refused. It just wasn’t a fun time. So I asked when he’d be leaving and he said that morning, before noon. Which was great b/c James wanted to come that morning, at 11:30AM. I told James yes b/c my ex was going to be leaving soon anyway.

(This may sound a little weird, even paranoid but its what I really believe.) My ex was standing behind me and James texted me, telling me that he was on the way. When my ex saw that, I think he used that as a reason to want to stay longer.

(Long story short) my ex was threatened to leave “right now.” And I expressed how that wasn’t a big deal b/c he’d be leaving soon anyway. But he then said he wasn’t leaving until a little after noon. I then said he’d have to go before 11:30, as I had plans. Then he wanted to know why I made plans when I knew he wasn’t leaving until after that. And I’m confused, b/c he has just stated earlier that he was leaving early.

So this escalated to a mini-argument. He was upset b/c he claimed he wouldn’t have anything to do for 30 mins. Yup, a whole 30 mins. (I didn’t even mention how the walk back to his car was 15mins, smh).

So soon after he stormed out, upset, obviously. Then he said he wouldn’t worry about coming back to visit me (which is fine, bc we never do anything fun anyway), and he’d just wait until I came to visit him (which probably won’t happen any time soon. And one of the couple times I tried to visit him he didn’t even want to hang out with me. Even though I went to Columbus for  the whole day).




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