56 Days of Summer.

…great title, right?

(The number of “Good Days” with my Favorite Person.)

This is the Part II. 

Again, this took a while b/c I wanted to wait until I was feeling neutral about this whole situation.

(So when we’re “up” I’m too biased to say nice things, and obviously it’s the same case when we’re down).

Any who, lets get started.

(In Case You Missed Part I) The Background: 

Now, I’m sure I’ve told the story about how we met.

Cinco de Mayo. On Campus. Alcohol. Fun.

We became buddies.

Then more than buddies.

Then I got a bf, so he stopped talking to me.

This summer, we were became friends.

(Like real friends, no sex).

Now we are here.

Our 56 Days:

Would usually be good days.

We always have fun when we hang out.

We have tons of great chemistry

But I guess he’s still mad at me.

Seems like we can only go “two good months” before he starts acting weird.

The Past 56:

We were going great from Jan. 2013- March 2013.

I feel that’s when he really stopped talking to me (after I got my bf).

However, thats understandable b/c it was no need to maintain a friendship since we stopped having sex.

Again, we had about 56 “good days” before we “ended our friendship.”

The Present 56:

We have been doing great since July 2013.

But soon it will be Oct. 2013, and he’s acting really weird.

He’s been mad at me for a few days, and it hasn’t blown over like I expected it to.

Which is fine, I can’t make someone not be mad or me.

Nor can I make someone like me.

Those are obviously his personal choices.

It’s just a bit awkward b/c I don’t know what he’s upset about.

Ending Our 56:

Lately, he hasn’t called me as often.

(We went from talking like 3+ times a day to once every other day).

He rarely texts me, and when he does, it’s not even a real conversation.

And we haven’t hung out since maybe August.

So I just feel like this is all leading to the ending of our “56 Days” and the math says, this about that time anyway.

My Issues With Him:

I don’t like how he goes back and forth, or sends mixed signals.

It’s like one day everything is great and just like that, there just has to be a problem.

Or how he doesn’t say exactly how he feels.

(Or maybe the way he acts/reacts is his way of dong that, but that’s too complicated).

And how (I feel) he likes me, but won’t admit to it.

(Granted, I could be wrong, but I highly doubted that*.)

Or how he reads my tweets and takes them for more than they are.

And how he doesn’t believe the things I say to him, specifically when I tell him how I feel about him.

*The Doubt:

So initially I was 100% sure he liked me.

We talked/texted everyday, he’s always around and I could tell he wanted to be,etc.

I took those things as him liking me b/c no other conclusion for his actions would be logical.

(However, in the middle of writing this post I realized I actually don’t think he likes me).

So I must have misread a couples cues, that’s fine.

However, this all could have been avoided if he had just said that from the beginning.

So, What’s Next?

I wish I knew, but I don’t.

But I’m going to assume our 56 will end and we’ll go our separate ways.

But we’ll see.


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