He’s Back In the Picture…

He's Back In the Picture...

Let me start by saying this is my second attempt at this post.

Earlier today I tried, but I was not digging the format. (I did a text, not a picture. And personally, I feel you’re more inclined to read, if there a picture.)

Therefore, this could be a little lengthy.

This is a pic of “The Chump.” I refer to him on the blog as “TC” however in person, I call him “Roddy.” This is indeed a variation of his real name.

He is saved in my iPhone as this b/c he is indeed, my favorite person. (Long story, almost an inside thing.)

Our Background:
I’ve told the story about us, the alcohol, and Cinco de Mayo. Well after all that was said and done, we became buddies. It was short-lived. I then got a bf and we stopped talking. This past summer, we became friends.

We’ve been doing pretty well as friends. We always have fun; hang out all the time, text and talk all day long. Its pretty perfect, if I must say.

Those would be our ‘Up’ days. You know? The days where everything is perfect.

Yet the best part is that he’s just what I’ve been looking for.

But, then… we have our ‘Down’ days too. Where things aren’t as perfect.

Now, these don’t occur too often but they happen enough to where I felt the need to include this in his post.

There are days where he has a little bitchy attitude about random ish, and I don’t even realized “we’re mad at each other” until he has one of these. Matter-o-facto, he’s having one now.

Last I knew, everything was just fine.

But… this morning I texted him b/c for whatever reason we haven’t talked as much lately. Then shortly after the first text, he’s like, “Don’t forget your facetime date.”

Honestly, I didn’t know what he was talking about. So, I thought about it and realized I tweeted about “a FaceTime date with #OOMF,” on twitter.

So, I asked him if he was talking about that. He replied in two messages like, “[Nice try…] & [I’ll talk to you later].”

So I’m like, “okay eff it then.” Like seriously? If he was referring to the tweet, it wasn’t even that serious. So he can stay in his little bitchy attitude and contact me when he wants to act like he has some sense.

I don’t have time for it.

See, here’s the thing. He’s in the place with my “Special People.” These are the people who I always try to be extra nice to. (This group would include my family, obviously my bf and/or BF, and a few other people  who I actually care about.

Now, Roddy is extra special. He’s not there bc he is family, he isn’t there bc he’s my boyfriend, he isn’t there bc he’s my BF, and I’ve only known him for about three years. Every other friend, I’ve known since high school. So he is here bc I “need” him.

(Not need as in mentally or emotionally dependent on him, this is more of a physical thing. To be straight, he’s the best sex I ever had. Everyone knows that. And the thing is, I try to be nice that way we can still have sex. [Granted, his whole purpose in my life was only sex. Initially. But now he means more than that.] So, after becoming real friends over the summer, I realized we have tons of great chemistry.)

And honestly, I don’t really tell people what I think of them bc I feel they’ll get too comfortable and feel they can’t be replace (although everyone is practically replaceable). Now I know he knows he is my ‘best sex’ so I messed up there but whatever.

But my “issue” with him would be… (this is getting way too long. I’ll finish on another post. Look for that Part II.)


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