An Hour to Kill.


So here’s a pic of my Acer Chromebook. The chromebook I once loved. But am starting to hate.

If you’re not aware this is basically a web browser. You can everything you’d do from a normal laptop (download apps, take pics, type papers, etc) but way faster. Plus it’s way cheaper, after taxes it was a total of $211.00 brand new from Best Buy.

Can’t beat that.

However bc it is a chromebook, it has some limitations. And honesty depending on who you are, you probably won’t even care. I know I didn’t.

In fact I got this as a temporary solution. I wanted Mac but needed to save money, so I got this for the “meantime.”

Surprisingly I fell in love and decided to keep this little guy. He was prefect and never gave me any problems.

Plus it updates by itself, doesn’t get viruses, is super small and light, it’s like the perfect computer for children and old people. (Even college students like myself). Basically it’s for everyone.

So I’ve been totally content until recently I’ve been having troubles with it browsing.

Now this is huge bc you can’t do anything on the device without an Internet connection.

My device will connect but it just won’t load pages.

It started a random day and I took the battery out and everything was fine. Then a few days later, it did the same thing but then battery thing didn’t help this time. Instead I left it alone got an hour and it started working on it’s own.

Then I started to get worried. I took it to Best Buy but it wasn’t “messed up” or doing anything weird when I got it there. So they couldn’t do anything about it. However they said they would offer an exchange if I brought the receipt back. Guess what? …I can’t even find it now. #Pissed.

Any who, after taking it there I never had another issue until today. (Mind you that was about a month ago).

So I’m trying to blog from my CPU and it’s just not pulling up web pages. It’s just giving me some error page. And I’m pissed.

I have ish to do. Like seriously. I need to google stuff, look for monologues, check out books online, and blog!

I called the campus help desk and basically bc they’re closing now, they can’t do anything about it.

I’m like, WTF I don’t have to be anywhere for another hour.

How am I going to kill this last hour before leaving with no effing Internet?

I want to throw this device on the floor right now.


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