I Survived!




Whew, I missed this!

I tried to write over the summer, however, that obviously didn’t happen. And I most certainly apologize.

This is going to be a short recap to highlight so moments of my summer.

Its also going to tell a little bit about whats going on now.

And, in case its a little dry or too much reading, I’ll also do the same thing… in a photo gallery. So check that out too.

Summer job: Went quite terrible. I got cheated out of hundreds of dollars. Literally. However, I have a lawyer so… thats that. However, on the up side, I definitely learned a lot about people, their intentions, and money. Initially I intended to do an entire post about that, but I changed my mind. So I’m not sure if I’ll do one or not. We’ll see.

Productivity: Terrible! I was not at all productive. I didn’t finish my book or reach my goals. Additionally, I have not picked my audition pieces. So everything I planned before school let put, has been postponed b/c none of it got done.

My Birthday: I had tons of fun with my bestie, James. He drove all the way from Columbus to visit me, we had breakfast. It was great. I also had fun with my “Chump.” We went to a movie and all that. This section actually has its own post, so I’ll leave that at that.

MyRelationship“: Notice I didn’t mention my “bf” at all… nor have I posted our little monthly anniversary pics. I’ll leave that at that. (Odds are, it’ll get a full post).

Holidays: Labor Day wasn’t anything too special, just hung out. Fourth of July, tons of fun with friends. I think I even spent time wit my “Chump.”

MyChump“: Big Shout Out to him… we had a great summer. He in the picture, whatever that means. Just kidding… I totally heart him (although he literally just pissed me off. As in pissed me off in the middle of me writing this). But he’s definitely going to get his own post. He’s earned it.

Fun: I went to the zoo and went swimming a few times.

Unexpected News: I’m going to be an auntie, again! My brother and his gf are expecting a baby boy January 2014!

Housing 2013: I’m staying on campus and I totally love my new roommate. She’s clean! Thanks goodness. However, I have decided that I may be moving off campus to my own apartment next year.

Classes: They started last week and are going well. Ballet is kicking my butt though, but I can really tell I’m a lot better than I was last year. Jazz is tons of fun, we dance to Michael Jackson almost everyday.

Anything Else? Nope, I think that’s it. But check out the pics. Oh yeah, I made those. They’re survival bracelets. Cool, right? …I know.



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