No Problema.

No Problema.

This is a bit early, but I feel the need to do a mini blog about this.

Its my monthly relationship update.

On July 27, 2013, it will be my birthday as well as our five-month anniversary! ❤

I'm totally excited, mainly b/c its my birthday but also b/c this will be my longest relationship!

I'll definitely talk about the party, once the tie comes. But for now, we're talking about my bf and I.

So I'm still madly in like with my boyfriend. (Thank Goodness). And its obvious b/c all in the time we have been together, I have turned down; two invitations to new relationships, countless hook-ups, giving out my number, etc.

…which I must say that I am very proud. (B/c if I were with anyone else, I don't think it would have gone that way).

Anywho, lets start.

The "Bad-ish."
The longer we spend together, the more and more I realize how different our personalities are. Now, I know opposites attract. However, sometimes it seems were "too different." And it often leaves me wondering, "what if we don't work out?" However, I'm willing to just wait it out and try, even though I see this could become a problem later down the road.

…and thats it. Us being total opposites is just bad b/c we could always realize we have deeper chemistry with someone else. So thats sucksful.

Thats the only issue I struggle with right now.

The "Goodies."
I love the fact that, most times -basically anytime that I have particularly paid attention, he follows through with things.

Recently, we had an issue where I expressed that I would appreciate it if he engaged more in our conversations, and he said he would.

(But we all know people who say they'll do something and just don't. Therefore, actions speak louder than words).

Lately, I noticed our conversations seem to last a bit longer, b/c he has in fact engaged more. I love that.

Then, I unpaired on our 'Couple App' (I DEFINITELY recommend this app to all couples!) b/c he never used it.

He said, if I re-paired, he'd try harder to use it. Since then he has drawn two solo pics and sent other things with the app.

(It may not seem like a lot but thats a super huge deal for him. He hates drawing, but for him to actually draw a pic -regardless of how small/ what it was- I was happy).

Now… if I could just get him to be more creative with the pics, it would be perfect.

So I'm happy he tried/ is trying.

Lastly, I brought up the fact that we should talk/FaceTime/etc more often and he said he would try.

Yesterday, we planned to FT and unfortunately, he fell asleep. Once he was awake (hours later… aka, the middle of the night) he did FT me.

Now, doing it for five minutes in the middle of the night, wasn't ideal, but I'm happy he did call b/c it shows that our FT meant something to him.

…in short, I love (and ultimately appreciate) the fact that I can call something to his attention and he addresses it immediately.

Now, I would tell him this… but I don't want to speak too soon. I fear that if I tell him how much I appreciate it, he'd feel, he doesn't have to try anymore (although he could try even a little harder).

Ps… the pic is cool yet irrelevant.


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