Everything Has Changed.


My favorite song and video, for right now.

The Relevance.

This title, catch phrase, or whatever you’d like to call it, is also relevant to me.

The Why.

As everyone knows, I have a boyfriend.

However, I also has a friend who wants to be with me.


(I say apparently b/c I’m not necessarily sure if thats what he wants.).

The Past.

I got with my boyfriend Feb. 2013, after we’d been friends for over a year.

Well I was also spending time and talking with another guy, the Chump.

We had actually considered getting together, but that obviously never happened.

I’m not 100% sure but I’m almost positive, I’ve blogged about the situation.

The Re-Cap.

We started as “buddies” but then began to talk.

(I’m the “type” to jump into relationships b/c I think it’ll be more fun.)

(But he’s not. He’d prefer to take time.)

I told him we should be together, and asked him out.

Collectively, we decided we’d spend a little more time before doing so.

However, before I did that, I decided to get with my current bf.

We stopped talking after that (his choice) but just recently he’s found his way back in.

The Recently.

I saw him at the park, we had a good time.

I invited him over, we had a better time.

The Better Time.

He came over after work, and stayed for hours.


We talked. Laughed. Talked more. And he played with the kids.

Now the kids are in love with him and its making things awkward.

The Awkward.

Its bad enough he asked me out and I have a bf.

But now I get the feeling my family likes him more than my bf. ):

This Chump is a lot of fun, he’s exciting, friendly, outgoing, and he likes kids.

And… My bf is not like that. Especially not with them.

He like the opposite. Were actually opposites too.

My family has asked plenty of times why my bf doesn’t talk much, etc.

And then they go and get all connected and bonded with him and theres no telling what’ll happen.

The Problem.

So the big deal is, we have all this chemistry and all these great times.

Yet, he isn’t my boyfriend.

Plus I like my bf so its not like I’m just going to up and break up with him to be with the Chump.

(Only bc he had the chance to be together way back when I was single, bc I’d probably consider that.).

Furthermore, I gave him the great option to be in my “back pocket.”

But he doesn’t to do that. He wants to do things his way.

Not cool.


I feel like at the time, he just didn’t want a relationship.

(Even Though I could tell he liked me. ).

But now that I’m with someone else, he wants it.

You know guys do that weird stuff.

So its basically a dilemma.


I did consider, “what if my bf and I break up?”

There are a lot of factors, that have made me consider this, even though I like him.

I feel he doesn’t try as hard as he needs to, since we’re long distance.

But… I did mention this and he said he’ll try harder.

So thats a plus that he’ll do that.

I just don’t know…

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