Three More Days.

Three More Days.

My site shows here that my party is three days away!

How exciting?

Actually, its not exciting.

Its not exciting b/c it has been cancelled.

Originally, I planned to have a horseback riding party. The party was going to be free, with the exception of food (and those things). B/c I had a connect.

The boyfriend of a family friend, owns a farm and the horses. Unfortunately, they broke up this past weekend. This resulted in the party being called off.

I’m upset at the fact that I had people looking forward to it. But I’m not too upset about anything else b/c neither my boyfriend or best friend could make it, I did consider that this could happen (so I guess I saw it coming), and also b/c I still have time to plan something else.

BTW (by the way) this has been a bad week anyways.


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