The Day I Broke the Little Boy’s Heart.

The Day I Broke the Little Boy's Heart.

Alright, this is a quick story about what happened today at “work.”

Lets clarify, it’s supposed to be work b/c I am supposed to be compensated with money for my time spent there.

However, we have not yet received pay. Which is totally fine. I have volunteered at the camp every summer there (since probably 9th grade year). Therefore, its not about the money.

(Look for, “It Ain’t About the Money,” my post about this position this summer. Coming at the end of the summer, once camp has ended).

So there is a kid (not going to say his name), 10, who likes me. I was just informed this earlier this week, by my grandma, who is his camp counselor.

I obviously didn’t know what to say, so I just said “thats nice.”

So ever since then, he always makes an effort to share stories and information with me throughout the day. He also gives me hugs and compliments. He’s a true sweetheart.

Today he said, “Hey, I’m going to make dinner for us.” I told him that was very nice. But I guess in his mind, he asked me out on a dinner date.

He then left it alone, so I figured this was it.

But… it wasn’t.

Near the end of our camp day, he has a “breakdown.” He was hysterically crying and he just wouldn’t calm down.

No one could figure out why.

…until he confided in my grandma.

[Apparently, in private, he asked another adult to set him and myself up with a dinner date and she told him “no.”]

So when my grandma got to the bottom of it, he said, “Im upset b/c [your granddaughter] doesn’t have room for me in her life.”

And that, you guys, is the day I broke a little boy’s heart.


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