To Break Up or Not To Break Up.

…that is the question.

This is basically an update on my BF and my bf.

(I would like to say, I am completely pissed with both, however, I have calmed down quite a bit. I originally tried to post this the day it happened, however, my WordPress App was being foolish and it deleted the entire post. So, here is me starting over. With less passion and anger.)

Lets start with my boyfriend.

I am very upset with him b/c he just told (like Sunday) that he can’t make my birthday party, this Sunday coming up. Apparently he has to work.

Now, everyone knows he works crappy hours. Nonetheless, I felt he should have requested that day off b/c he knew about the party back in June. Now. I know its difficult for him to request something like that at his particular job, but at the very least, he could have switched days with a coworker.

But he didn’t so he won’t be there. Then, he is set to go out of town that week, meaning I won’t see him that week either.

Additionally I will be out of town that following weekend, which means I will be gone for my birthday. (Bad enough, right?)

Luckily, I have a best friend therefore I honestly wasn’t too upset.

You know James makes everything better.

So I texted James to confirm he was still coming. But guess what? (You probably guessed it)… he can’t make it.

Apparently he has something to do that evening so depending on what time (we’re thinking 4PM, which won’t work for James) the party is.

I was even more pissed.

James too knew about the party, with enough time to plan whatever he has to do before or after that date.

So my bf tends to feel competition with my BF b/c (I assume) he feels I favor my BF over him. But I’d like to assure him that I don’t.

B/c they both equally suck. (:


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